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Whether you’re moving to or away from London, our moving experts at Shepherd International Movers are ready to get you there.

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    London International Movers

    Welcome to Shepherd International Movers, your go-to experts for moving from New York to London. With the bustling streets of London calling, our London international movers are here to ensure your international relocation is as smooth and efficient as possible. We provide tailored solutions to meet your individual needs, from professional packing to secure transportation and customs clearance. Trust us to handle every detail of your move to London, so you can focus on the exciting opportunities in your new city.

    Moving From London With Shepherd International Movers

    The demand for reliable and skilled London international movers is more crucial than ever. If you need your belongings securely transported across international boundaries, Shepherd International Movers is the partner you need. Our team is very good at careful packing and knows a lot about customs rules, so they can handle every part of your moving overseas with care. We’re committed to making sure your move from London goes smoothly and without any problems, so you can start your global journey with confidence.

    Also, remember that US citizens must have lived outside the US for at least one year in order to be eligible for duty-free imports when they return. Additionally, you will need to provide some documentation, including Form 3299, to facilitate the process.

    Why Should You Choose Our London International Movers?

    Shepherd International Movers

    At Shepherd International Movers in London, we understand the challenges of relocating to a new country. Our team delivers exceptional international moving services designed to simplify your move and reduce stress. With extensive experience in international relocations, we tailor our services to suit your specific needs and timeline, ensuring a smooth transition.

    Our London team offers a comprehensive suite of services, including custom packing and crating, reliable international shipping, and secure storage options. Our primary objective is to safely deliver your belongings to your new home overseas, on time.

    We prioritize making our services affordable without compromising on quality. Shepherd International Movers provides competitive pricing, allowing you to undertake an international move without breaking the bank. Trust us to handle your possessions with care and precision.

    Get a Free Quote from Our Experienced Relocation Team

    Shepherd International Movers in New York understands the complexities of planning an international move. That’s why we provide all our customers with a free initial quote, assisting you in budgeting and planning your relocation efficiently. Keep in mind, that this initial estimate is just the beginning – after a detailed in-home or video review of your items, we’ll provide a final, more detailed quote.

    Moving Services in London for a Smooth Transition

    Shepherd International Movers in New York is committed to providing exceptional services that streamline your international relocation. We understand the complexities of moving abroad and strive to facilitate a seamless and worry-free transition. Our skilled team of international movers meticulously manages every detail of your move.

    Our comprehensive services for those relocating from New York include:

    • Professional packing,
    • Preparation for international transit,
    • International vehicle shipping,
    • And secure storage options.

    You can choose our economical international sea shipping method or, if it fits your budget, opt for quicker international moving by air freight. Regardless of your choice, we ensure a smooth transition, guaranteeing that your belongings arrive at their new international destination promptly and safely.

    Worldwide Movers in London Offering Full Container Load Shipping Services

    Shipping a full container load (FCL) is an efficient and cost-effective way to transport goods internationally. Our Shepherd International Movers in London will make sure that your belongings are securely packed into a standard-sized shipping container and arrive safely and swiftly at their new destination.

    FCL shipping is favored for international moves because it reduces the risk of damage and loss. Our experienced team will assist you in selecting the appropriate container for your needs and handle the entire shipping process, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

    Shepherd International Movers

    Less Container Load Is Easy, Affordable, and Convenient

    LCL (Less Container Load) services from Shepherd International Movers are ideal for those who do not require a full container. With LCL, you have the opportunity to share container space with other customers, making it a cost-effective option for shipping smaller quantities of items. This service offers:

    • Flexible options,
    • Cost savings,
    • Assurance of safety for your belongings during their ocean transit.

    Choose Shepherd International Movers in London for your LCL shipping needs and enjoy a stress-free experience.

    Expert Packing Assistance from Shepherd International Movers

    Shepherd International Movers in London offers professional packing services to ensure a smooth international relocation. Our experienced team of international movers is committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring the safety of your belongings during their journey. We offer comprehensive moving solutions, from carefully packing and wrapping your items to ensuring their secure delivery to your new home.

    We understand the complexities involved in coordinating an international move along with your other commitments. That’s why our packing services are designed to simplify the moving process, reducing stress and allowing you to focus on what’s most important.

    stack of cardboard boxes on white background

    Full and Partial Packing Services Available

    Our professional team offers two different kinds of packing assistance – full and partial, to ensure your international relocation is hassle-free. Our full packing service covers every item in your household, no matter the size, and includes all necessary packing materials such as specialized boxes and international wrapping supplies to provide maximum protection for your belongings.

    For a more budget-friendly option, consider our partial packing service. This allows you to choose up to 15 standard boxes worth of items for us to pack, giving you flexibility and control over your moving expenses. If you have more than 15 boxes, our full packing service will be ideal. Regardless of the service you select, Shepherd International Movers in London is committed to delivering exceptional quality and ensuring your possessions reach their international destination safely.

    Secure Custom Crating Services for Your Breakables

    When you’re moving internationally, Shepherd International Movers in London ensures the highest level of safety for your belongings. Our custom crating services are specifically designed to provide optimal protection during transit. We use high-quality, treated, and reinforced wood to create each container specifically for the items that you need to move. To further ensure the safety of your belongings during transit, we use a variety of padding materials.

    International Moving Company With Smart Overseas Vehicle Shipping Solutions

    Our international moving company is renowned for its superior international car shipping services. At Shepherd International Movers in London, our experienced team has been providing smooth and trouble-free overseas vehicle shipping solutions for a broad spectrum of clients, including individuals, families, and businesses, for many years.

    We understand the complexities involved in transporting vehicles across international borders and are dedicated to simplifying the process for you.

    Our comprehensive service range ensures the safe arrival of your vehicle at its new destination. Our professionals handle every detail from beginning to end.

    Our vehicle shipping options include Consolidated Freight, Combined Car and Household Goods Shipping, Full Container Load, and Roll-on/Roll-off services.

    With Shepherd International Movers in London, you can trust that your international vehicle relocation will be executed flawlessly and without any hassle.

    White industrial carrier big rig semi truck tractor with extended cab for truck driver rest transporting commercial cargo in dry van semi trailer running on the highway road in California

    One Month of Complimentary Storage Services for Your Move

    Shepherd International Movers in London provides exceptional storage solutions for international relocations. We emphasize the security and safety of your possessions. Benefit from one month of complimentary storage, allowing you to store your belongings securely until you’re ready for the move.

    Our storage facilities feature climate-controlled units monitored continuously to guarantee maximum protection. Following the free 30-day period, we offer competitively priced daily rates for added flexibility.

    Securing Your Move With Our International Moving Insurance Options

    Shepherd International Movers in London makes international moving smoother and safer, easing the transition. While we always handle your items with care, the reality of moving across borders can bring unexpected challenges. To safeguard your belongings, we offer comprehensive international moving insurance.

    Our insurance options include Mandatory Liability coverage, compensating you at 60 cents per pound for damaged goods. For greater peace of mind, we also provide Full Value Replacement insurance, which fully covers the cost of any items damaged during your move.

    Moving To London With Our Overseas Moving Company

    A significant number of expatriates from the USA in the UK make up 2.8% of non-UK nationals and a total of around 166,000 residents. Also, here’s a fun fact about London – did you know that London buses were not always red? Before 1907, different routes had different-colored buses!

    If you’re looking for expert international movers to help you relocate to London, Shepherd International Movers are your go-to professionals. We are experienced in every facet of international relocation and ensure a seamless transition with our comprehensive services. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in settling comfortably into your new London home.

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    London International Moving Services

    International Moving by Sea

    If you’re looking for an affordable way to transport your belongings, but don’t want to spend your entire savings on it, you should consider our international moving by sea service. This is one of our most popular moving services, especially when it comes to moving a house to another country. You won’t have to worry about anything getting damaged, as your possessions will be stored in secure containers. You will also have to choose if you’d like your items shipped in shared or exclusive containers. International moving by sea is a reliable and affordable service, but keep in mind that it might take some time for your items to arrive at the agreed destination.


    International Moving by Air

    On the other hand, if you need your belongings shipped as soon as possible, then international moving by air might be the best moving service for you. Moving by air is also more expensive than moving by sea, which you should keep in mind before making any final decisions. When it comes to moving an office or expanding a business, this is the preferred way of going about it. Another important thing you shouldn’t forget is that moving by air is reserved for small shipments.


    Overseas Vehicle Shipping

    You can’t move to another country without your vehicle, can you, but there’s no need to stress about the relocation of your car. Shepherd International Moving can also provide you with reliable vehicle shipping services. We ship various kinds of vehicles, and you shouldn’t be afraid to contact us if you’re wondering if we can transport yours as well. Our movers will treat your vehicle just like they’ll handle your other possessions as if they were ours. So, you won’t have to worry about your car getting damaged during your international relocation. It will be awaiting you, safe and sound, at the designated location.


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