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Every company’s needs are individual, and we at Shepherd International Movers understand that better than anyone. So, if you’re looking for corporate moving services near you, give us a call. We have all you need. Check out how we can help your business and your employees relocate as fast as possible.

Why Choose Shepherd International Movers Corporate Moving Services?

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Moving internationally requires a lot of planning and having all logistics prepared in advance. Now, when it comes to relocating business and employees, you need to have experienced movers who will take extra care of every detail with precision.

Shepherd International Movers are the right team of professionals for you. We have many years of experience in international corporate relocation with some of the most innovative protective supplies and methods.

No matter how big or small your business is, we can assist you make a relocation plan that meets your needs without sacrificing the quality or service. The ultimate goal is to make relocation smooth, so your employee can focus on the new role quickly.

What We Include in Our Corporate International Relocation Services?

Our goal is to make sure that your workers get to the new destination on time and within the planned budget. That way, there won’t be any moving overseas logistics to take care of after – just to settle in and start the new position stress-free.

After you provide us with an inventory list, you can rest assured that all of the items we agreed to transport will be at the new destination on time and in the best condition. This means all of your office supplies, from documentation to tiny staples will be shipped with utmost care. Also, we’ll take care of some bigger objects such as tables, shelves, and similar – in other words – all you need.

Benefits of Hiring Shepherd International Movers

When you book our experienced movers, you’ll get a free quote with transparent pricing for each service we offer. That way, we can plan the budget, but keep in mind that we’re flexible and willing to help with every detail.

So, it’s best to contact us and we’ll together do the budgeting part and find the solution possible.

Besides flexible pricing options, count on our professionalism and experience in international moves.

Our international movers have made numerous moves abroad and exactly know how to handle any type of situation.

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What Other Services Do We Provide When Moving Abroad?

Whether it’s a small or big relocation, we’re here to help you. Our highly trained coordinators and movers will work tightly with you and your employees to make the best relocation plan for your needs. Here are some of the top-notch international relocation services we offer to make the entire process even smoother.

Efficient Packing Service

If you want professionals to take care of the packing part, Shepherd International Movers are best for the job. Our packers are fast and careful at the same time. We’ll wrap and protect your belongings for the safest shipment, ensuring nothing’s damaged.

Special Custom Crating

Corporate relocation means you’ll have to transport some delicate and expensive items like computers and laptops. Not only are these expensive, but extremely valuable. That’s why we have a special offer for you – custom crating where we make a unique crate for items you take extra care of.

Overseas Car Shipping

Getting the four-wheeler across the world requires professional and experienced shippers. If you hire Shepherd International Movers, you can expect a smooth and stress-free experience. Our experience means that every step of your car’s journey will be done with the greatest care and accuracy. We keep you updated and reassured from the first meeting to the final delivery.

Book Top-Notch International Moving Company and Ensure Your Employee Has the Best Experience

When you work with Shepherd International Movers, you can make sure that every aspect of your international corporate move is tailored to your and your employees’ needs. This is because we put our customers first and have been carefully designing our services to meet their requirements and wants.

Contact us and discover why we have the best corporate relocation services for international moves. Our representatives will work closely with you to understand your needs and make the relocation plan for an effortless experience for your business and employees.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Moving Services

What Services Are Included in a Corporate International Move?

Shepherd International Movers has top-notch moving services with efficient packing, secure and free storage units, special custom crating, and overseas car shipping. Contact us and get a free and transparent quote.

What Items Can’t Be Moved?

There are some things we can’t ship due to safety precautions. Medical equipment, extra large and fragile objects, and hazardous materials are some things we can’t ship overseas. Get in touch with us and find out all about our services and how we can help with corporate relocation.

How Can a Company Ensure a Smooth Transition for Employees Moving Internationally?

Shepherd International Movers offers free quotes without any hidden costs to all of our customers. It’s one way to make sure the services and movers you’ve hired are reliable. On the other hand, be sure to check out the corporate relocation international reviews online and see how previous customers are satisfied with the services.

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