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Tips on How to Keep in Touch with Friends After Moving Overseas

Jane Davis

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They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but when you are thousands of miles away from your closest friend, things do get complicated. Learning how to keep in touch with friends is key to keeping a long-distance friendship alive. Just because there is a whole ocean between you doesn’t mean you have to end the friendship. Being that far can even strengthen the bond between you if you give your best to be there for them whenever they need you.

For things to work out, there has to be a lot of effort on both sides. If you value the friendship you have, there is no reason not to do it. Check the tips we have prepared for you to help you stay in touch with your closest friends regardless of the number of miles between you.

Let Them be a Part of Your International Moving Story

Include your friends in the events that are happening before the relocation takes place. If you have hired a professional moving company to help you tackle the moving process, and take care of the packing and international shipping, you can have a nice cup of coffee with your loved ones and oversee the preparations. This will help both of you face the upcoming relocation and say goodbye with ease.


How to Keep in Touch with Friends – Make It a Habit

After you relocate and start anew abroad, you will have many things to take care of indeed. The first months won’t be easy for sure, but you have to give your best to make time for everything. The friendships you have won’t survive on their own – you have to fight for them. Since both you and your friends will have many errands to run and busy lifestyles, it’s good to make the communication with each other a part of the weekly habit by picking a day that works best for both sides.

Come up with a Method that Works Best for Both of You

You have to find a way that suits both of you. If either of you thinks that the other one is not putting as much effort as it should, the ending won’t be good.  If you have enough time for a longer talk more than three times a week, do so! Whatever works best for both sides will help ease communication and interaction.

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Don’t Forget the Birthdays of Your Friends

Birthdays are important days which you should never forget, especially when you are that far away. Your friend should know that you do think of him or her and that there is a special place in your life for them, even if you are no longer in the same country. As soon as you relocate,note down the most important birthdays and add them to your phone calendar, so you never forget to send good wishes.

Be There for a Friend That’s Going Through a Hard Time

If your friend is going through something unpleasant, find a way to help. Even though you are not physically near, you can talk, consolidate and find a way to help from abroad – the distance is no excuse.


Make Use of Social Media for Live Interaction

Even if you are not a big fan of social media, this can be a great tool to help you keep up with recent events. Facebook can help you remember all those birthdays you keep forgetting. By using any form of social media, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you will feel like you are a part of everything that your friends are doing. Even if you don’t have the time to talk that often, you can still keep up with the recent events through these platforms.


Whenever You Can, Call Them

Even though most of us lead a rat-race life and have so many things going on, we have to keep the balance between the personal life and the business activities If you really care about someone, you will find time for that person. In case you cannot call your friends that often, do it at least once a month to keep up with everything that has happened in the meantime. This will refresh your friendship.

Stay in Touch via Video Talk

Calling is good, but video calling is great indeed. Since both of you have time to chat, why don’t you turn on that camera and have a real conversation? This will help both of you feel like you see each other often.


Send Contextually Relevant Content

When memories come to your mind, or you go over the old photos, message your friends. There is no shame admitting how much you miss them and what a great time you had when you were there together.

Send Postcards

There are so many ways to keep the conversation going, and some do not even include the use of the Internet.  Sending postcards from holidays and trips can be one way of engaging with your friend. Tell a story that has happened during your big break.

Wish Them Happy Holidays

Christmas is approaching, don’t forget to send differentiated and personalized holiday wishes. If you must align yourself with your job and you cannot travel to be with your friends for the holidays, don’t forget to share good wishes. Wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Surprise Your People with a Gift

Have you been thinking about sending a gift to your friend? It does not have to be for the birthday, pick a random date. The best is to do it when it’s least expected.


Things to Look Forward to – Plan a Joint Trip

Even if you cannot visit each other that often, you can plan a trip together and meet halfway. This will make the whole international moving experience more exciting and less stressful.

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