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Where to Find the Best Places for Living Overseas

Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

Do you feel like you are stuck in a routine, in desperate need of a change, and you are ready to start a new chapter somewhere abroad? Then living overseas is something you should give a shot.

Nowadays, people are more aware of the world around them, and the concept of living in the same place for entire life seems so dull when you know that there are so many amazing places to discover and experience.

People are more mobile nowadays and are not afraid of changing their place of residence several times in a single year. Since we only have one life to live, would it not be great to spend at least some parts of it in amazing places? Exactly. So if you have ever wondered how life abroad is, why not give it a try and get first-hand answers. And the best part is – these incredible international destinations are just a flight (or two) away from home.

The Best Place for Living Overseas – Portugal

Portugal is high on every list of top European countries to move to, so it is not a surprise that we included it in our selection. It is a beautiful country with an excellent climate, so wherever you go, we are sure you will find your place under the sun. The vast majority of the population speaks English, so you can expect to fit in easily. Here are our two recommendations as something to start with when you go about exploring this wonderful country.

Algarve – the Sunniest Place in Europe

The Algarve region is the sunniest place in entire Europe, with approximately 3,300 sunny hours per year. Welcoming people, beautiful beaches and affordable prices are only some of the perks you will enjoy if you opt for Algarve.

Cascais – the Site of the Original Casino Royale

Close to Lisbon, this coastal town is famous for being the home of Casino Estoril, which inspired Ian Flemming to write his very first novel in the James Bond series, the Casino Royale. Today, Casino Estoril is one of the largest operating casinos in Europe.

If you’re not that into gambling, know that this town offers the best from both worlds. Bustling city life and laid-back beach lifestyle are perfectly combined and balanced in this medium-sized city. Cascais is slightly pricier than Algarve but still affordable when considering all the things it has to offer.

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Belize Tops the List of Exotic Places Not Far from the US

If you are looking for the crystal blue waters of Maldives, you do not have to go to the other part of the world – Belize is a country that is much closer, and it might be even prettier. Carribean sea on one side and lush jungles on the other are the reason why this Central American nation is such a popular destination for everyone looking to relocate to more exotic surroundings.

tree on a beach
Belize offers a chance to live life at its best

Live the Perfect Island Life in Malta

If you are searching for beautiful beaches, idyllic island life, unique tradition, and rich history, we have found it all in one place – in Malta. This small island country, a jewel in the Mediterranean Sea, is very affordable to Americans, and widely known for its Mediterranean climate and food, fishing harbors, wine, and olive fields. Pretty much everyone speaks English, and the best part is that continental Europe is just a short flight away.

boats tethered and docked
Witness stunning architecture in Malta

Discover Medieval Italy – Città Sant’Angelo

If you want to travel through time and experience a slow-paced lifestyle in one of the most charming and budget-friendly places in the country of Italy, we recommend stone-paved streets of Sant’Angelo. The only downside of this little Italian fairytale is that you will probably have to learn the language, because in this town in the province of Pescara, barely anyone speaks English.

small country village
Italian charm and serenity

Contemporary Life in the Desert – the United Arab Emirates

Leave all prejudices aside and seriously consider the United Arab Emirates as your destination for relocating internationally, because this Middle-Eastern nation has a vast offer of high-paying jobs for expats, it is very safe and multicultural. Although the costs of living are high even compared to the US, and the people who live there are earning even more, and the overall quality of life is more than satisfying.

city that never sleeps
The city that never sleeps

Pros of International Living

After all the hassle about international moving, finding the right storagepacking and unpacking your entire life, and getting rid of boxes and moving supplies, it is time to notice the perks of your life away from home. Your new place of residence comes with plenty of advantages that you might not even be aware of at the beginning:

  • Learning a second language and developing your social skills and communication
  • Embracing a different culture, tradition, and customs
  • Creating a network of contacts and international friends
  • Getting to know yourself better and stepping out of your comfort zone
small globe
The further, the better

Relocating Abroad for Work and Retirement

Of course, it is always easier if you are relocating for a job, but if you do not have professional plans, that is ok too. It is never too late to relocate, and many Americans decide to retire somewhere abroad, which is why we decided to provide some recommendations for people in their golden years.

The Best Places in the World to Retire Overseas

More and more retirees are willing to spend their retirement in someplace far away from home. And they deserve it, they have worked hard for so many years, and now it is the time to enjoy. Hence, we present the top overseas destinations to live in after you retire:

  • Panama
  • Costa Rica
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico

The Best Countries to Move for Work

If you are looking for a job, or you are planning to move your business using corporate moving services, you need to know what countries offer the most possibilities and job opportunities for expats:

  • Germany
  • Vietnam
  • The Czech Republic
  • New Zealand
elderly man looking from a beach
Retirement as a new beginning

Your New Life Is Only One Decision Away

We all dream about moving close to sandy beaches, to places where the weather is always nice, and people are friendly, but those dreams can turn into reality. Especially today, when possibilities for working and traveling are endless, everyone can become a digital nomad and start a new life somewhere abroad.

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