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The Ultimate List of the Best Places to Live Abroad with Family

Jane Davis

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Have you thought about turning over a new leaf overseas and relocating to some of the best places to live abroad with family? If you’re planning to relocate with your children, there are lots of things you should take into consideration before the move. Besides a friendly and safe environment, there are factors like a good schooling system, affordable costs of living, places for outdoor activities, and dining spots. Is it really possible to find a place that has it all?

Luckily, there are plenty of cities all around the world you can choose from. First things first, don’t sit on the fence – it’s time for action. Start your research and find out how to move abroad hassle-free.

If you need help searching for your perfect home overseas, we put together a list of the most beautiful, affordable, and family-friendly locations to motivate you to undertake your move overseas as soon as possible.

When Choosing the Best Places to Live Abroad With Family, Pick Those That Would Make You Happy

You’ve probably heard plenty of stories about big cities with amazing standard of living, great work opportunities, and a well-rounded schooling system. Still, after scratching the surface, it turned out that they are not as fetching as they might have seemed at first.

If you’re looking for a place where you can truly feel its energy, then you shouldn’t take other expats’ opinions about big cities so seriously. Finding a perfect city that can fulfill all your needs may be difficult, but don’t settle for anything less than satisfying your wishes.

When one realizes it’s time to go abroad, that means they are looking for a place with better standards and possibilities to improve their overall quality of life. Before choosing a company to provide you with international moving services, let us help you – we put together a list of the most appealing locations for families with children, as well as the criteria you shouldn’t neglect when relocating for good.

person looking at the sunset
Choose a city that suits your taste the most

Here Are the Crucial Factors to Consider When Relocating Overseas, According to Expats

People strive to choose a destination in line with their wishes, needs, and requirements. These could be related to different factors, such as the weather, a better salary, first-rate education, vicinity to the sea, proximity of natural beauties, etc.

Whatever your motivation is for moving across the world, you should keep in mind that every country has its specific features, including tradition, culture, food, and, of course, language. We narrowed down several things that you should bear in mind before taking the final step and moving there:

  • There will be difficulty in communication, but breaking the language barrier is possible
  • Finding a home in time should be your primary interest before relocation
  • Culture shock is a well-known phenomenon among expats
  • Work and school are one of the priorities when choosing home abroad
  • Leaving friends behind is probably the hardest part of relocating overseas

Keep in mind that every change is difficult, so don’t make it even harder if you’re not satisfied with any of the above-mentioned factors. Adjusting to a new country requires hard work from all family members. Still, it is possible to overcome all the challenges if you know that your relocation can improve your well-being.

friends hugging
Being far away from friends is perhaps the hardest part of being an expat

Respondents Said Austria Is One of the Most Desirable Countries for Living Abroad

Europe is a continent with a plethora of countries that can provide you with a high quality of life, which includes housing, economic environment, public services, transport, healthcare, education, etc. Austria is a place where all these amenities are highly valued and highly rated. Furthermore, it is packed with culture, art institutions, music events, and delicious food, giving you opportunities for great moments to share with your family.

And being a part of a metropolis such as the capital Vienna, which is considered the most livable city on the globe, sounds amazing. But if you find the so-called City of Dreams too expensive, don’t give up. Austria has to offer many amazing towns to live in.

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Besides the Pricey Vienna, Mountain Villages Are Popular Places Among Families

If you’d like to live surrounded by nature, Austrian mountain villages with pristine lakes could be your best bet. These small towns, with tight-knit communities, can provide you with an unforgettable experience both for you and your children.

open fields and hills
Mountain villages in Austria could be the fulfillment of your dreams

New Zealand – Become a Kiwi and Enjoy a Slower Pace of Life

There’s probably no better place to raise kids than New Zealand – it’s friendly, crammed with breathtaking landscapes, and has excellent healthcare and schooling systems. Above all, with the right visa and job position, it’s possible to get permanent residence. If you’re looking for the right location where work and personal life are in perfect proportion, this nation is second to none.

Auckland is Trending for Work Opportunities

Despite being one of the most expensive cities in New Zealand, Auckland is still a mecca for expats. It’s not only a very safe place but has lots of career opportunities and is a top choice for job-seekers. Besides, it’s one of the most suitable cities for international students. If you wish to relocate here, you should know that New Zealanders are willing to share with Americans all the advantages of their island.

hill over a city
Auckland could satisfy both your professional and personal desires

Dive Into One of the Safest Countries on the Globe – Australia

For expats with toddlers, a low crime rate is among the most desirable factors when choosing their next home. Australia is ranked as one of the safest nations. Have in mind, though, the most common natural hazards and dangerous animals here are more significant threats than the human factor.

People Like to Read Here

If you prefer a cultural environment and educated people, then one fact could be decisive for your relocation to Australia – it’s ranked as the 15th country when it comes to the frequency of reading among the population. According to statistics, Australians spend over 6 hours per week reading. So, if you’re looking for like-minded people to share similar literary experiences with, Australia is unmatched.

map of Australia
Australia will meet all your needs

If You Like History, Portugal is the Place to Be

In Portugal, you can find the lowest cost of living in Western Europe. Just about everything, including rent and groceries, is affordable for families. Above all, winters are mild here, but what is most enjoyable about Portugal are its friendly people, a leisurely lifestyle, ample beaches, and moderate weather.

Mafra or Faro – Some of the Best Places to Live Abroad With Family in the World

Although the costs of living in the capital, Lisbon, can’t be compared with some other metropolises in the world, some expats find it a bit pricey. If you want to rent an apartment and pay a reasonable price, you should take into consideration some of Lisbon’s neighborhoods or smaller towns such as Mafra or Faro. However, keep in mind that there are old and historic districts with hills and cobbled streets, so if you prefer something more sophisticated, then choose another place to settle down.

tram on the street
If you think Lisbon is expensive, there are many smaller cities in Portugal to take into consideration

Bulgaria, the Land of Roses

Bulgaria is another country rich in history and heritage. Also, it can provide you with lots of spots for outdoor activities, such as walking, climbing, or hiking. The world’s number one producer of a unique oil obtained from a rare rose called Rosa Damascena, Bulgaria could be the perfect mix of beautiful nature, grand architecture, and low costs of living.

Sofia – A Perfect Spot to Retire Here

If you want a high quality of life that is affordable, then Sofia could be your best bet. As the most inexpensive major capital in Europe, you can enjoy open-air sports, cultural events, as well as delicious dishes. With plenty of amenities, you may realize this capital can easily get under your skin. Thanks to healthy eating habits and Bulgarian yogurt, which locals called the elixir of youth, expats can also spend their golden years here. If you’ve ever thought about retirement abroad, give Sofia a chance!

two people talking during the sunset
The capital of Bulgaria may be your first choice when it comes to retirement

Choosing the Right Place Depends on Your and Your Family’s Desires

Living abroad could be a challenging and inspiring, but overall exciting experience for an expat. After you put the finishing touch on preparations for moving, make sure everything is planned thoroughly. Relocating overseas with family shouldn’t have any unexpected situations. Of course, every foreign country is unique. If you’ve researched its features and characteristics, your adjustment period should be easy and fast. The truth is that you are probably scared because relocation is a significant life change. But, if you give up, you’ll be wondering “what if” for the rest of your life. So, take a leap of faith and enjoy some of the best places to live abroad with your family!

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