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A Guide to Different Packing Materials for Your International Move

Moving internationally can be pretty taxing. However, gathering different packing materials will ensure that each item you ship gets the appropriate protection. With this approach, even the smallest of trinkets will reach the destination in impeccable condition. Let us help you explore each material’s strengths and how to employ them in the best way possible. Remember, quality supplies equal successful transition.

What Are the Different Types of Packing Materials

Packing materials do more than just secure belongings. They ensure that each item can withstand relocation across the world without sustaining damage. Knowing how and when to use them is key to a successful transition across borders. Here’s a list of supplies that will ensure an efficient boxing-up process:

  • Bubble wrap – Perfect for wrapping fragile items, padding, and absorbing shocks.
  • Cardboard boxes – Get boxes in various sizes as they are perfect storage solutions for all kinds of possessions.
  • Packing paper – Excellent for safeguarding delicate objects, filling voids, and protecting flat surfaces like mirrors.
  • Foam peanuts and sheets – Useful for filling voids, padding between items, preventing movement, and providing additional protection against impacts.
  • Plastic wrap – It prevents scratches and dents and keeps surfaces free from dust and moisture. The perfect solution for keeping additional padding in place.
  • Moving blankets – Exceptional for protecting furniture and large objects from shocks, chips, and scratches.
  • Duct tape – Quality tape will keep everything sealed and prevent content from spilling out.
  • Specialty boxes – They are designed to offer perfect protection for clothes, valuable china pieces, expensive silverware, artwork, mirrors, or sensitive electronics.

Buy these supplies in verified online or hardware marketplaces or ask local retailers if they have extra containers they are willing to give you. Reach out to family, friends, and neighbors who recently relocated and ask if they have leftover supplies from a recent relocation. Remember, good preparation is a pathway to a safe transition.

Crystal glasses surrounded by a bubble wrap
Quality supplies will ensure that everything stays safe during transit

Why Different Packing Materials Matter

Gathering quality supplies is a crucial part of every international relocation. They ensure that everything stays organized, safe, and in one piece during the handling, loading, and transportation. Bubble wrap, packing paper, foam peanuts, moving blankets, and cardboard crates all have very distinct parts to play when protecting belongings.

There are even green packing solutions for eco-conscious people. However, if you are not sure about the right materials for you, hire a moving company for the job.

Specialty boxes usually cost much more than regular ones
A man and a woman unpacking their boxes
With the right materials, every boxing-up process is a smooth endeavor

Expert Guide on Using Different Materials to Protect Belongings

Each item has its needs and requires different levels of protection. Moreover, combining supplies can significantly increase the level of protection when moving overseas. Using each material correctly and to its full potential will ensure that everything is transferred to the new home in perfect condition. Let’s see what they can offer.

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Bubble Wrap Offers the Ultimate Protection for Fragile Items

Did you know that 52 countries produce 240,000 miles of bubble wrap annually? Imagine how much relocation stress you can relieve by popping those bubbles. On a more serious note, bubble wrap is a key player when it comes to protecting fragile items. Those air-filled bubbles, no matter how important your nerves are, cushion against shocks, jolts, and vibrations. So, keep the fingers to yourself!

Wrap each item individually while paying attention to bubbles facing the object. Secure that layer with tape to keep it in place and consider double wrapping for extra security. Bubble wrap offers perfect protection for dishes, cups, glassware, silverware, and electronics. It’s a perfect cushioning material that safeguards corners and edges from getting chipped during handling and maneuvering.

Protect Delicate and Large Surfaces With Clean Paper

Over 50% of annually produced paper is used for various sorts of packaging. So, use those rolls wisely! Packing paper is great for protecting surfaces prone to scratches or dents. Wrap delicate glasses or porcelain individually and ensure every inch is evenly covered. Then, you can add a layer of bubble wrap and avoid irreparable damage.

If you want to secure sensitive parts of large objects, focus paper on those spots. This will create a perfect shield against scuffs and pressures. Use variations like tissue or acid-free paper to safeguard extra delicate items.

Its moldability can provide a snug fit around oddly shaped items. More importantly, clean paper doesn’t leave marks on surfaces like newspapers do. It also prevents dust and dirt accumulation and can be crumpled to fill voids in boxes. So much versatility, right?

Person holding scissors and roll of paper
Protect the surfaces from scratches with clean paper

Foam Peanuts and Sheets Are Perfect Choices for Filling Voids

Foam peanuts and sheets are ideal solutions for keeping everything in place during transportation. They are pretty light and versatile, which makes them easily adaptable to shapes and surroundings.

This way, they can successfully absorb impacts and prevent damage. However, never overstuff crates. All top sides must be flat when closed so that tape can efficiently seal the crate and prevent it from opening. In any case, if the box contents are fragile, be sure to label them as such to ensure careful handling.

Moving Blankets Will Offer Unparalleled Protection for Furniture

These thick, padded blankets shield against scratches, dents, and other serious damage during transport. They are especially useful for wrapping things that don’t fit into boxes, like sofas and tables.

First, disassemble everything into manageable bits. Then, simply drape or wrap these blankets around each piece to create a protective barrier that absorbs impacts and reduces friction.

Cardboard Boxes Are the Backbone of This Entire Process

Without a quality crate, there’s no point in starting with the boxing-up process at all.

Cardboard boxes are available in a range of sizes and strengths, each designed for specific uses.

Small boxes are ideal for dense, heavy items such as books as they prevent overpacking.

Larger boxes, on the other hand, are better suited for bulky and lighter items like winter jackets, blankets, or bedding.

In the US, over 80 billion corrugated crates are consumed annually

If you lost the original packaging of electronics or kitchenware gadgets, double-walled or reinforced boxes are the way to go. There are also specialized boxes, designed to accommodate items like clothing, artwork, or mirrors. They prevent wrinkling, tears, and serious damage to these objects, ensuring a secure and efficient relocation experience.

stack of cardboard boxes on white background
Cardboard crates are one of the most recycled articles

Eco-Friendly Materials Are a Perfect Solution for Eco-Conscious Movers

Trivium Packaging did research and found that 75% of consumers are willing to spend more on eco-friendly supplies. So, selecting sustainable supplies when moving abroad is a thoughtful decision. Choosing eco-friendly options minimizes environmental impact while ensuring the utmost safety of belongings.

Use recyclable or biodegradable materials like corrugated cardboard boxes, biodegradable peanuts, and recycled bubble wrap and paper. These choices help protect our planet and minimize waste.

Don’t Want to Think About Materials? Book Professional Packing Services

Booking international moving services brings many relocation benefits. The professional packers’ expertise, efficiency, and convenience ensure smoother relocation. Equipped with all the necessary supplies, these experts will deliver everything in perfect condition.

At Shepherd International Movers, we are known for our adaptability. No matter if you opt for partial or full packing services, our dedicated team is prepared to accommodate all your relocation needs and expectations.

Use Specialty Crates for Valuables or Custom Crating

Use specialty boxes or book custom crating services to store the artwork, electronics, and mirrors properly. These containers are tailored to provide the utmost security. They are designed to fit the specific dimensions and address the needs of each item. Some boxes are equipped with additional padding and reinforcements. Some are made of materials that protect against moisture, vibrations, and shocks. Either way, they are there to offer peace of mind and ensure secure travel.

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Moving abroad is easy with professional movers by your side

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Relocating to a new city can be fraught with challenges. Moreover, handling the overseas intricacies, necessary documentation, and logistics can be pretty tiring. Shepherd International Movers is here to lighten the load and ease this transition.

We provide a full spectrum of services tailored to address each aspect of this exciting adventure. Simply put, our seasoned team is trained to manage every detail. So, reach out to us today and let us handle the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions About Different Packing Materials

How Do I Properly Dispose of or Recycle Packing Materials After Moving?

It’s important to handle the disposal or recycling of packing materials responsibly. Cardboard boxes and paper are usually recyclable via local curbside programs, though you should check the area’s recycling rules.

Plastic-based materials like bubble wrap and foam peanuts need to be taken to a specialized recycling center that accepts soft plastics. If recycling options are limited, consider giving these supplies to facilities or community organizations that can repurpose them.

What Are the Best Packing Materials for Fragile Items Like Glassware?

When packing fragile items, using bubble wrap and clean paper is highly effective. Bubble wrap cushions against shocks. Clean paper is perfect for wrapping each piece individually before adding bubble wrap for extra protection. Foam peanuts and air cushions also work well to fill any gaps in the boxes. They will secure everything in place and provide additional buffering.

How Much Packing Material Do I Need for a Standard Move?

The quantity of supplies needed varies based on how many and what type of possessions you plan to transport. Ensure you have sufficient bubble wrap for all delicate items, ample rolls of duct tape, and boxes in different sizes. It’s advisable to have a little extra supplies on hand so you don’t run out midway through boxing everything up.

Are There Any Innovative Packing Materials I Should Know About?

Innovative solutions include environmentally friendly options like biodegradable peanuts, inflatable air pillows, and corrugated bubble wrap. These alternatives provide excellent protection and reduce environmental impact. Another innovative choice is plastic, reusable bins, a great substitute for traditional cardboard boxes.

How Do I Choose the Right Size and Type of Cardboard Box for My Items?

Selecting the correct size and type of cardboard box ensures your items are well-protected during transit. Use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger ones for lighter, voluminous things like bedding or clothing. For breakables or valuables, double-walled or reinforced boxes are recommended. Pack crates to a suitable level, neither too full nor too empty, to avoid accidents.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring Professional Packing Services?

Hiring professional packing services comes with several key advantages. These experts are adept at handling belongings with care, skillfully packing a variety of items to minimize the risk of damage. They make efficient use of boxing-up supplies, which ensures the safety of items and saves you the hassle of acquiring them yourself. Booking professional packers can significantly ease relocation stress and provide a smooth relocation process.

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