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How to Move Safely Across the World?

Daisy Wilson

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Moving is always a hassle, no matter if you’re relocating to a different town or across the world. You have a million things to think about, with just as many things that can go wrong. But with a few tips on how to move safely, you will be able to manage this whole process without any hiccups and stress.

To relocate across the world safely, you need to have good preparation and organization. Chaos and bad organization lead to mistakes and injuries, so if you are efficient in your move and have a plan for each step along the way, you will also have a safe move.

If You Want to Move Safely, Don’t Overpack Your Boxes

One of the most important things to keep in mind when packing for moving abroad is not to overpack your boxes. This might seem counterintuitive – shouldn’t you want to pack as much as possible into each box to make the most efficient use of space? Yes and no. It’s important to pack your boxes efficiently, but overpacking them can actually make them more difficult and dangerous to move.

If a box is too heavy, it’s more likely to break or be dropped, and that can lead to damaged or broken items, especially if you are packing dishes or some other fragile items. It’s also important not to pack too many heavy items into one box. The biggest mistake people make when relocating is to put too many books into one single medium size box. This will be way too heavy to carry. It’s much better to spread them out among several boxes so that each one is easier to lift.

Carefully Wrap Sharp Objects

And speaking of lifting, be careful not to pack sharp objects in with other items where they could potentially puncture the box (and whatever else might be inside). Knives, gardening tools, and similar sharp objects should be carefully wrapped and secured to prevent cuts when packing and unpacking as well as the possibility of the items dangerously protruding from your packed boxes. It’s always a good idea to wrap sharp objects in newspaper or bubble wrap before packing them up. Not only will this help protect your other belongings, but it will also keep you from getting cut when unpacking them later.

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Have a Detailed Plan for the Relocation

The next thing you need to do is to create a checklist for moving abroad. This should be like a to-do list with all the things you must do before and after your move, from gathering all the necessary travel documents to booking international moving services. Another thing you must plan is your relocation day. If you decide not to hire movers but to do everything alone, you should first come up with a plan for how you will pack your truck.

Heavy boxes and large furniture should go first, and lighter objects should go on top of them. This will save you time but also prevent any unnecessary injuries from carrying boxes multiple times before you figure out where to put them. Ultimately the best way to pack your items safely is to have help from professional movers or friends and family.

Ensure You Dress Appropriately for the Move

Avoid baggy or too-big clothing that might restrict your movement or cause you to trip. Your clothing should be comfortable and manageable when you’re moving. To be as comfortable as possible, concentrate on dressing in lightweight, breathable, and weather-appropriate clothing. Also, make sure to choose shoes that offer the best level of support. Stick to sneakers or boots instead of flimsy flip-flops or heels-style shoes since they will improve neither your balance nor your mobility.

Shirt, pants, shoes, and a watch laid out on table
Wear comfortable clothing

Hire an International Moving Company

The best way to reduce relocation stress and have a successful move is to hire an international mover, especially if you are relocating for the first time. As you may know, moving overseas demands a lot of work and logistics, which is why hiring movers is the best way to accomplish a safe move. Movers have experience and training on how to properly pack boxes so nothing gets damaged. Taking packing services when hiring movers will also give you more space to finish other arrangements you have.

Prep Your Home for Movers

No matter if you hire professionals to do everything for you or just for the moving services, it will be good to prepare for movers the day before the big day arrives. The first thing you need to do is protect your floors and door frames from any potential damage. As you know, your movers will have to move around large furniture, and some scratches may occur. To prevent any damage on your floor, put some old blankets or sheets on the floor. Take masking tape and protect your door frames, especially the narrow ones or the ones that movers will walk through most frequently.

Another moving tip is to put all the boxes in one room, preferably the one that is closest to your front doors. This will make the whole process much easier and faster for your workers. If you are relocating alone, ask friends or family members to help you place all the boxes in one room the night before. Here are some other things you can do to prepare for movers properly.

Clean the furniture

This may seem like an unnecessary thing to do, but it will ensure the safe travel of your furniture. No matter where you decide to live, relocating internationally means your belongings will go on a long trip and most likely be shipped by sea. If you pack dirty furniture and wrap it with plastic wrap, it can get moldy. So to prevent this, make sure you do a deep cleaning of your furniture.

Vacuum the rugs

Just like with furniture, your rugs must be cleaned and vacuumed before you place them on a truck and later on on the container. If you decide to do the cleaning alone, make sure your rugs are completely dry, even the smallest amount of moisture can lead to disaster on the road.

Label each box on the sides

For the safety of you, your belongings, and your movers, make sure you label each box on the sides so workers can know if anything is fragile inside or if the box is too heavy. Also, when placing all the boxes in one room, as we mentioned earlier, put heavy boxes closest to the door so they can go first on the truck.

Don't forget to supply some nourishment

One of the best relocation hacks we can give you is to have one cooler filled up with bottles of water. Place this cooler near the exit in a visible place so your workers can take a drink when they need it. Good hydration is key to safety, no matter if you are relocating in summer or wintertime. Also, when there is a lot of fuss and work, people tend to forget to eat, so make sure you order some food in advance for you and your workers.

Clear the Pathways

Another way to ensure safety for you and your workers is to clear the pathways so they can easily carry furniture without tripping over. Trips and falls are already risky, and the risk increases if the area is cluttered with stuff or you’re carrying anything heavy. Making safety a top priority during your move involves avoiding adding any new potential issues to those that are already present, so be sure to identify and maintain a clear pathway, both inside and out.

Utilize Proper Lifting Techniques

To ensure your safety and prevent injury, you should adhere to the rules of heavy lifting. For starters, it’s crucial to maintain your spine alignment in a neutral position throughout the procedure. When lifting large objects off the ground, bend at the knees rather than the waist. To keep your equilibrium, carry heavy objects close to you and avoid twisting your body during the movement. If you must twist or turn, do so from the hips rather than the feet.

Two movers carrying a couch with a man lying on it
Having professional assistance will save you from all the heavy lifting

Don’t Forget to Use a Dolly

By taking on the stress of carrying large objects, a dolly can greatly simplify the process of relocating your belongings from your home to the truck. You can typically rent one from your hardware shop or moving company if you don’t already have one. You can also purchase a dolly if you think you will need it in the future. Here is a list of equipment you can rent or purchase that can help you with the heavy lifting:

  • Four-wheel dolly,
  • Two-wheel dolly,
  • Moving straps,
  • Toe Jacks.

Ensure You Stretch During the Day

You are more prone to damage if your muscles and limbs are tight. Stretch frequently throughout the day, especially in the morning before you begin and in the evening after you are through, to keep your body flexible. To avoid and ease any stress or discomfort, carefully concentrate on any known trouble areas, such as your shoulders or knees. Having trouble knowing where to begin when it comes to stretching? Here is a video with some excellent fundamental full-body exercises:

Keep Kids and Pets Safe

If you are relocating with kids, you should try and keep them from harm’s way on the relocation day. Designate one room in your house to be the safe room. Here is where you will keep your essentials and other important items you will bring with you. Place toys and other entertainment you have for kids in this room. Of course, if possible, hire a sitter to be with them until you finish everything.

If you are relocating with a dog or other pets, put them in a safe room, so they are also away from harm. If you are traveling with a dog that same day, make sure you take the dog for a long walk before the flight. Also, talk to your vet if they can give you some medication to ease off the anxiety in a dog.

A picture of a family with a dog next to boxes
Place your kids and pets in a safe room

Follow Our Moving Safety Tips and Have a Safe Move

Moving internationally can be a big undertaking, but following these simple tips will help ensure that your move goes smoothly. Although there are a lot of things to think about before relocating abroad – such as housing, schools for your kids, and learning a new language – it can be an amazing experience. With careful planning, you can make sure that your move is safe and stress-free. So what are you waiting for? Start packing!

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