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Moving Essentials – Everything You’ll Need When Relocating Internationally

Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Relocation can be an experience to remember if you don’t let all the stress get in the way. That’s why having all the moving essentials with you will ensure all the important things and boxes are prepared for the big day. So, don’t waste your time and start thinking about the things you can’t go without on your international adventure. 

People decide to move for many reasons, with most relocating for a better job opportunity or a home. Whatever your reason is, the best possible thing you can do is hire a reliable international moving company that will ensure the whole process goes smoothly. However, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing else left for you to do. Quite the contrary – be sure all of the items you want to pack are carefully prepared and make one of the boxes contain all the necessities you’ll need for the period before and after the move.

Why Having a Moving Essentials List Is More Than Important?

When you make a decision to move, probably the first question that comes up is what do people need when they are moving abroad? For starters, you should know that relocating across the world isn’t the same as a local or long-distance move. And it’s not only because you’ll probably need to deal with culture shock or even break the language barrier. Keep in mind that you will have to prepare a bit more to make the moving essentials checklist.

If not, the whole process will be a lot harder and, for some people, just too overwhelming. So, besides looking for the best cities to live in Europe, ensure you’ll be entirely prepared for your new home with all the necessities.

A man writing on a notebook
Keep all of your necessities listed when preparing for a move

Take Some Time to Make the Best Packing List For International Relocation

Changing homes means you won’t be able to get away from the packing process. You surely have to know what you want to pack when relocating abroad. However, from gathering all the supplies and boxes, it can get just too overwhelming. But, don’t despair because you can always contact professional movers to help you with tasks like this.

For example, if you don’t know how to pack fragile items, let the professionals do it. That way, you’ll have more time to deal with other stuff. Surely, you can create a detailed checklist of other things that will ensure the move is more than successful. So, think through what you really need for this move and put it on the list. And don’t forget to check with the professional movers whether taking some cleaning supplies is even possible since you’re relocating overseas.

Blank checklist
Keep a detailed checklist with you and be updated at any time during the move

What Are the Moving Necessities You Can’t Go Without?

After you pick one of the friendliest countries in the world, you should also figure out what goes in an essentials box when moving? If you wish to move like a pro, decide what items are absolutely necessary and which ones are not. On that note, here are some of the things that should be on your list:

  • Important documents – overseas relocation will require a valid passport and visa for most countries.
  • Medicines – ensure you and your family members (including pets) have all the necessary medications at least for the period after the move.
  • Valuables – more expensive stuff such as family heirlooms and objects with sentimental value keep safely protected during the move.
  • Electronics – Carefully wrap phones, laptops, chargers, and any other device you’re using on a daily basis.
  • Keys – ensure you know where your keys are at any time of the day during the move because they can easily get lost in all the chaos.
  • Toiletries – prepare toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, toilet paper, and other things you use regularly.

Prepare the Essential Documents When Moving Overseas

One of the essentials for moving out of the country is the documents needed to travel abroad. As you might already know, without personal documentation that proves your identity, you won’t be able to travel overseas. So, ensure you start this task on time because getting documents like a visa and renewing a passport will certainly take more than just one day.

So, knowing how to move abroad efficiently means collecting valid personal documents and getting all the paperwork in order. Also, it’s a good practice to make copies of everything. That way, if something happens with the duplicates, you’ll still have the originals.

Check Which Documents and Other Moving Out Essentials Your Pets Need

Dealing with everything to make the whole relocation successful is not as easy as you thought, right? You have to take care of many things, from finding one of the best places to live abroad with a family to figuring out how to keep in touch with friends.

Relocating with dogs or other pets is a perfect example of how things could easily get complicated if you don’t start preparing on time. It’s interesting how nowadays relocating with your furry friends has never been more available, yet there are many steps to take in order to make it possible. So, ensure your animal visits the VET first, in order to get its health records and passport.

Take care of your furry friend when planning to move abroad

Stock Up With All Medicines You’ll Need Before the Move

For some people, avoiding relocation stress can be a bit harder to do than for others. For example, if you’re relocating to Argentina, you have to think about some tips for learning a new language. However, stocking yourself with medicines is undoubtedly more important. This is often an essential step, especially when you’re on certain medications.

Even if you think you can do this step once you move into your new home, it’s better to do it in your home country. Finding a reliable doctor who can prescribe a specific medicine can be quite difficult, and it can be way more expensive to purchase those medications at a new place. Ensure the needed medications and prescriptions are on your checklist so you can continue to do other tasks for this overseas relocation.

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Sort Your Electronics and Ensure They Get Transported in One Piece

Moving internationally will require some skills to prevent items from breaking. It’s undoubtedly one of the steps that will ensure an efficient move. When it comes to packing boxes with electronics, you should be extremely careful. Besides being expensive, technology and electronics like computers and phones are an essential part of everyday work for digital nomads).

However, when the big day comes, even they can forget some of the needed equipment with all the chaos. So, besides finding the greatest places to live abroad, keep in mind that having a checklist will ensure you get all the right packing supplies (boxes, bubble wrap, and tape), but it will also keep you from forgetting anything.

What Should You Not Bring When Moving?

Besides thinking about all the boxes and things you want to pack, figure out which items you actually won’t have to deal with. Living overseas will require some adjusting, and there’s no better way of doing it than having a fresh start. This means you should travel as light as possible. So, be sure you do some decluttering after you contact trustworthy movers.

Hoarding is never the solution, so check each room in your home and toss or donate everything you won’t use again. Get rid of everything you didn’t use for more than six months, while things such as furniture should be put in long-term storage. And if you have some free time left, you can donate or even sell some stuff online

Storage units can be a great solution for some bulkier stuff you can't move overseas

Pick the Most Suitable Clothes You Will Wear Once You Get to the New Country

Preparing clothes for the move shouldn’t be such a big problem, right? Ensure you have a box where you’ll pack socks and underwear. But what about other pieces of clothing, such as jackets and similar stuff that take a lot of space? That’s why when you pick one of the greatest countries to live in, ensure you check what’s the weather there.

For example, if you’re relocating to Dubai, consider giving away your winter clothes to charity. Check the Goodwill website and get rid of things you won’t use after you move to another country. This whole process will help you pack faster, and you’ll surely feel more productive.

Be Ready For the Post-Move by Stocking Your New Apartment With Needed Supplies

When you can count on all the move-in essentials, the whole adjusting to a different country process will be a lot easier. If you want to feel comfortable at the new place, creating a relocation list of things to do after the move will certainly help. Yes, it might sound a bit too much with everything going on, but you’ll feel more relaxed when you have everything prepared in advance.

When you have an organized plan, you’ll be ready to move in effortlessly. Not only will you be more focused, but the whole process could be quite interesting – planning the future life will surely be more appealing when everything is well-organized. However, there are still a few steps you just can’t omit when settling in a completely unknown apartment.

Don’t Forget to Put Cleaning Supplies on the List That Will Ensure Kitchen and Other Rooms Get Cleaned

Figuring out how to live abroad requires many things, and one of them is finding the place where you’ll stay. That’s why a basic cleaning supplies kit should also be on your list because you’ll have to do some cleaning before unpacking starts. Of course, after you’ve already had it discussed with the professional relocation crew, you should bring necessities such as sponges, multi-purpose spray, hand spray, toilet bowl cleaner, paper towels. With those cleaning supplies, you’ll be able to clean the rooms you’ll probably use the most – kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Keep the Personal Hygiene on the Highest Level at New Home

Yes, you will surely be tired once you move in, but keep in mind that hygiene has to be maintained. So, after cleaning the rooms like kitchen and bathroom, pass on to others. Ensure the pillows and beddings are clean and comfortable for the first night, and with the essential box you prepared, everything will be much easier.

And since you could use other great cleaning hacks, check some of them in the video below and clean your kitchen like a pro.

Embrace the Change With Everything Planned for the Big Move

Finding a better home internationally will take a lot longer than relocating just down the street. So, you should know that there are many things to think about before and after the relocation day. And to save yourself any additional trouble, contact reliable movers to help you with every relocation task. That way, you can focus on all the little and bigger things you’ll need when relocating abroad.

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