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Pros and Cons of Packing Up and Moving to Hawaii

Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

When you think of living in Hawaii, what comes to mind is paradise on Earth, with tropical weather and beautiful beaches. If you are one of those people that dream of moving to Hawaii and want to make it their new home, you should consider all the pros and cons of living there. After all, relocating overseas to an isolated island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is not a small step in one’s life.

Should I Pack and Move to Hawaii? Really Know What to Expect

This tropical paradise is the place thousands of people dream of relocating to every year. The perfect weather for all of those who love endless summer, miles of beaches, and the Aloha spirit, everything’s there. If you’re not sure whether it’s your cup of tea, visit all the islands to get a good feel of the place. Oahu is the most populated one and the busiest of them all. And if you thought you were going to escape terrible traffic, you were wrong, it’s typical in Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital and the biggest city on Oahu.

Some General Pros and Cons About Life on the Isle

We admit, moving to and making a home in HI isn’t cheap, but here are some other cool facts to know about living in this place:

  • Surfing, diving, snorkeling, swimming… With all the water sports, you just simply can not get bored, especially on Oahu,
  • But you have to respect Mother Nature, and that means to stay out of water when declared that it’s not safe, and not to make your home near an active volcano,
  • There’s wildlife all around you, even in your backyard,
  • You’ll need to learn to slow down, everything is at a slower pace when you live on HI.

But for every pro, there are some cons, too. If you have a question like why you shouldn’t move to Hawaii pop up in your mind, the answer may be big flying cockroaches settling in your home.

When considering how to move abroad, it’s not a bad idea to hear it from someone already living there, so check out the following video.

The Price of Paradise

Since HI is isolated, most items are being shipped there across the Pacific. If you require an item, it will take time and money to get it, and some things will just be impossible to get. This is one of the biggest cons of life in the Aloha State, and if you’re not ready for it, maybe you should reconsider relocating here. The thing is, you can’t get into your car and drive to another town to buy something hard to find. And since almost everything is imported, the prices are not low. Most of the time you’ll have to settle for the local goods. It’s also important to remember that the closest landmass is hours away when considering how to keep in touch with friends, and you have to pay a hefty price for the plane tickets every time.

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Hawaii Groceries Are Steep, but There’s a Silver Lining

Like many other things, groceries are also imported, and as such are pricier than in other parts of the US. But, if you can get used to using the local produce, which is actually very good, you will cut down on expenses. Also, be sure to check out the State of Hawaii’s newcomer’s guide for more information on how to get a Hawaiian driver’s license. Once you’ve obtained it, you can use discounts for locals, and that’s another step in saving up.

Can’t Bear the Cost of Utilities? Go Green

One of the things you would want to think about when relocating across the world, or between different states, is the cost of utilities. The cost of basic utilities in the Aloha State is considered among the highest in the US. Keep in mind that, if you don’t like the excessive heat, you are going to use air conditioning a lot, which results in a bigger electricity bill. This is why many residents have turned to solar energy for their homes, but also their cars. After all, renewable energy is also a great way to preserve the natural wonders of Hawaii, and it has to count as a pro.

glass building
Can’t go wrong with solar energy

Taking Your Pet to Live With You in Hawaii? Be Well Prepared

When it comes to pets, the Aloha State has a procedure that will add up to your moving to-do list, so you should start preparing things on time. Make sure you start at least four months in advance. Just contact their Department of Agriculture and find out the details about the regulations, like the 30-day waiting period after a rabies antibody test that has proven successful, and what fees you are expected to pay. And to top it all out, if you don’t follow up on this procedure, your pet may be quarantined for 120 days, and you will have to pay per day, like it or not. It’s a lot of work, but after you get through it, your pet can learn to surf together with you. Or enjoy the beach, while you surf. And that’s definitely worth a task or two.

Make the perfect new IG photos with your pet

Reason for Moving Is Your Job? Then Get Used to Informality

Retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, and construction are the strongest industries here, and a job in one of them would set you up nicely. And since one of the biggest Hawaiian cons is related to the job market, having one before you arrive is recommended. Still, you can move to Hawaii without a job if you’re up for an adventure of finding one. Either way, a formal dress code is out of the question, so leave behind your suit and tie.

Join the Island Community to Help You Get on Your Feet After Moving

Let’s assume you don’t have a job waiting for you. Wondering how to move to Hawaii with no money? It’s manageable when you’re moving abroad alone, and you can, for example, search social media for people who’ll offer you their help. HI is a small community, even Oahu, and everybody knows everybody, so it will be fairly easy to make friends. One of the great pros of the Aloha State is its namesake-friendly spirit. So you can expect help from the locals, just let them know you want to become a local yourself.

Dive into the Aloha spirit and everything will be much easier

Finally, How Much Will It Cost to Move to Hawaii

So, is it realistic to move to Hawaii to live there? With good planning, anything is possible. But, since HI is isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you will need to invest a bit. When planning on living overseas, you should consider hiring a company for international moving services and have them estimate how much it will cost to move to Hawaii. Want to ship your car overseas with you? Add overseas vehicle shipping services to the list. So, how much money should you save before moving to Hawaii? Essentially, the cost of international relocation is high, and that’s not good, but a good moving to Hawaii advice is to pack lightly. Think about what to pack when relocating abroad, but also realize that your move will be to a faraway island. At least you won’t need the documents needed to travel abroad if you’re coming to live in HI from Mainland.

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