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Top 7 Best Countries to Live In

Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

There isn’t a simple answer on what is the best country in the world to live in. Aside from numerous factors that need to be considered, choosing the best countries to live in is always connected to each individual separately. That being said, know that some of them are still coming as leaders in different aspects of living. Keep reading if you want to find out if the places on our list could suit you and become your dream destination.

Determining the Criteria for the Best Countries to Live in

This question is the centerpiece of numerous researches, with answers that often overlap but are never identical. Different results could be products of various criteria used, the time researches are made, and the like. However, places that were picked for top destinations usually had some or most of the following benefits:

  • Affordable cost of living,
  • Great job opportunities and economic stability,
  • Excellent public healthcare and education system,
  • Low crime rates and political stability,
  • Guaranteed freedom and equality,
  • Possibility of getting visa and citizenship,

Still, when planning on living overseas, know that there is a chance that your life as an expat could be a far cry from the ones local people are leading. That is why it is essential to connect with expat communities before making your final decision. Also, you should check for possible difficulties you are not informed about.

Consider Your Reasons to Move Abroad When Thinking About Which Country Is No 1 in the World

All those researches with their methods and numbers should not be the only guidelines you’ll use when relocating across the world to a different home. The first thing you should consider is your reasons for moving abroad. If you want to find a place overseas with many job opportunities, it is natural to research destinations with amazing job markets as a leading quality. If you are not relocating to another country for love or because your employer needs you there, take advantage of your freedom and find the proper match for your needs and wishes.

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#1 Finland Will Provide You With a High Quality of Life

Finland was named by the World Happiness Report as the happiest country a few years in a row. Aside from apparent reasons for it (the level of safety, top education, low corruption, and justice system), note that Finns have different values than most Western places. Their society values co-operation more than the competition, which creates a healthier atmosphere for growing up and working.

Finland also has an excellent life expectancy (even 81 years on average!). A long and healthy existence could be your future, too, because Finns have an excellent universal healthcare system. As an expat, you won’t have to worry too much about medical treatments. Add amazing scenery and a more relaxed pace of life to help you decide to move to The Land of a Thousand Lakes. However, keep in mind a certain downside – Finland is on the list of the top 10 most expensive places in Europe.

Don’t Forget About Other Scandinavian Nations

Obviously, there is something in Scandinavian waters. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are all usually on various lists of the best countries to live in the world. In addition to that, know they are all insisting on individual freedoms and absolute equality. In Scandinavia, you shouldn’t have problems that arise from living in Europe as an American.

All of the places above rank high on the list of national happiness have great healthcare and education systems, are politically very stable, and the like. Moreover, know that in Finland and Sweden, for example, only five years of residency is enough to apply for citizenship. Keep in mind that many nations require much more – that is one more reason to relocate to this coffee-obsessed region.

The flag of Denmark
One more common thing in Scandinavian nations - their flags all have Nordic cross

#2 Choose Portugal for the Low Average Expenses

Do you think relocating to a place with rich culture, exquisite climate, friendly people, and amazing food must automatically be costly? Portugal will convince you otherwise. Calculate that you’ll spend the third of what you would in the United States regarding the cost of living in Portugal. Of course, large cities will be costlier than more rural areas. Still, even Lisbon isn’t that expensive for a capital city – a family of four could be comfortable with around $2500 a month. You could even buy a house for a little more than $10000 if you are ready to do a little renovation work. It is too good of an opportunity to miss.

Ponta da Piedade, Lagos, Portugal
Beauty doesn't always come with a huge price

#3 Panama Is a Top Country for the Years After Retirement

If you are looking for a place that will serve as a gift to all your years of hard work, look at the direction of Panama. Not only that it is relatively close to the borders of the States and has the same currency, but a significant part of the population is English speaking. You could relax in that kind of familiarity while enjoying a warm climate and breathtaking views and beaches.

In addition to that, Pensionado (Panama’s retirement program) is considered one of the finest worldwide. It has many benefits, like discounts on utility bills, doctor’s appointments, and even hotel accommodations. All that you need to do is provide the authorities with a valid passport and proof of income that is no less than $1000 a month. If you are one of the elders seeking the perfect place to move abroad alone or with a partner, look no more. Book an international moving company, get packing services and transport your bags and boxes as soon as possible.

Two people enjoying sunset at the beach
Some people claim that life is only starting after retirement, so choose wisely where to spend it

#4 Move to Canada Because of the People (And Much More)

Can you remember any joke about Canadians that paints them in a negative light? It’s hard to remember because many Americans joke about the level of friendliness and kindness characteristic of a typical Canadian. That is why Canada is named one of the friendliest nations in the world – and it’s just outside the US border. You won’t have to worry about how to keep in touch with friends if you want to move to Canada because there will be plenty of opportunities for mutual visits.

In addition to that, according to the Overall Best Countries Ranking provided by US News, Canada is the number one nation globally. Economic stability, good job market, fight for social justice and human rights, you name it, Canada has it all. And as a cherry on top of the cake, you won’t even have to break the language barrier when relocating to the north of the continent. With English as one of the official languages, remember that about three-quarters of the Canadian population speaks the same language as Americans.

People hiking in a forest
On top of everything, about one-third of almost-perfect Canada is covered in forest. Amazing, eh?

#5 Go to the United Kingdom if You Search for Excellent Education

If you are moving internationally with your kids, one of the important things to consider is the quality of education. The United Kingdom is one of the best places to live abroad with family because it ranks as one of the top nations for primary and secondary education. However, the United Kingdom is an absolute first on education rankings in 2021 for university education.

Oxford and Cambridge, some of the oldest universities worldwide, have excellent rankings on the list of top universities globally. If you are considering applying for a student visa, don’t miss the opportunity of mastering your profession. Do it at the place where you could find the finest learning experience at a reasonable price.

You should also know that undergraduate studies could be completed in three years, unlike in America, with some added effort by your side. It is an excellent choice for those who search for less time necessary for adjusting to a new country and those who can’t wait to start their careers.

University of Oxford, United Kingdom
According to the legend, the University of Oxford dates back to the ninth century

#6 France Has One of the Most Efficient Healthcare Systems

Another one of the best European countries to live in is France, and overall efficiency in the healthcare department is the main reason. Know that France’s healthcare earned first place at ranking provided by the World Health Organization. This place should be a model other nations could learn from, with very satisfied patients, high life expectancy, low mortality, and low rehospitalization rates.

However, note that it doesn’t come free of charge. France’s universal healthcare system is based on co-payment, which means that medical expenses are divided between the patient and the government.

The City of Light Give Vast Inspiration to Artists of All Kinds

It’s not all about facts and science. France and Paris, as one of the best cities to live in Europe, were and are the cultural center of the old continent. They simply lure artists, both young and already established, to get to know this place and enjoy everything it has to offer. It is not a coincidence that many art and literary epochs have their beginnings in France. So, when searching for inspiration and a new artistic start, don’t neglect France as a possible relocation choice.

A girl standing in front of the Eiffel Tower
Paris was an important center during the Age of Enlightenment, hence the nickname the City of Light

#7 Singapore Will Provide You With Plenty of Job Opportunities

There are probably a few more places that come to your mind when thinking about employment abroad rather than culturally much different Singapore. However, not considering it as when moving overseas in search of a job would be a huge mistake. Excellent salaries combined with a low unemployment rate in a more satisfying work environment make Singapore one of the top places for those looking for employment overseas.

Even the commuting time does not represent a problem here because Singapore has one of the finest public transport systems globally. If you wonder how to find a job in this Mecca of employment, don’t miss watching the following video:

A Few More Honorable Mentions

With 195 nations worldwide, it is natural that other places have some benefits for you to consider when relocating to a different home. Don’t underestimate the next few places as your possible future home:

  • Vietnam – low general costs and a favorable climate for building start-ups made this place one of the top destinations for expats.
  • Germany – Germans are known for giving a high value to overall order and efficiency, which is one of the reasons they have such great roads. If you enjoy driving and are thinking about shipping a car overseas, know that driving in this part of the globe is easy and very safe.
  • Switzerland – even though Finland comes first to mind when thinking about what country is #1 in quality of life, know that relocating to Zurich and other Swiss cities would also undoubtedly provide you with it.
  • Iceland – The Land of Fire and Ice was named as one of the safest amongst all others.
  • Spain – this place doesn’t offer only majestic culture and breathtaking nature. It is also considered one of the best places to retire in Europe.
  • South Korea – if you are looking for a rich pop culture scene that is different from the one existing in Western places, relocating to Seoul could be a good choice for you.
A couple holding hands on a seashore
Did you know that Iceland was the last place on earth humans species had inhabited?

Are You Ready for the New Adventure?

When you choose a place that checks all requirements important to you, it is time to learn how to move abroad to a new home. Spoiler alert – it won’t be easy. Getting top moving by sea services is one of the worst headaches down the road. It is followed by obligations like creating a relocation abroad checklist, gathering all documents needed to travel abroad, and deciding what to pack. With so many tasks required to be done, people easily forget the sole reason for the move. However, having your new goal always in mind will help you cope with all the difficulties of overseas relocation, so ensure to keep it there all the time. And with a little bit of luck, everything should finish in perfect order – we keep our fingers crossed for you.

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