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5 Best Places to Live Abroad According to Expats

Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

We all want a change at some point in life. And what’s better than a fresh start in a completely different place than you’ve been living for years? If you’re one of those people, then you’re probably wondering what one of the best places to live abroad is and what life would be like for an expat. The decision should be completely yours, but how to choose the perfect place and ensure it’s the right one?

Is the country with the highest number of expats, like India, the perfect one for you? Maybe, but there are many things you should consider before making that big step in your life. There are 195 countries in the world (193 of them are members of the United Nations, and two are non-member observers.) so having a hard time making a decision is entirely understandable. Especially since there’s a lot of research to do before you pick and move across the world. That’s why we prepared the top five places you should definitely consider when relocating overseas.

Where Is the Best Place to Live Abroad – Things You Need to Check Before You Choose the Place

Making such a huge decision as changing your lifestyle completely is a challenging event, and there are many questions to be answered. Start with – where is the easiest place to move abroad, and what is the safest foreign country to live in? But keep in mind that many other factors can affect your final decision.

As you probably know, this process takes time because you don’t have just to pick the right place, but you have to prepare and plan the international move. Everything from making a moving overseas checklist to deciding what to pack. So, once it’s settled you’re relocating, create another list of all things that will make your lifestyle as better as possible. That way, you’ll have a clear picture of your new destination.

Examine all the pros and cons of each country that will help you decide easily

What International Citizens Have to Look For When Choosing One of the Best Places to Live Abroad

We all know that travel isn’t the same as the move because you’ll be coming back home after one or two weeks. It’s enough just to pack a suitcase and gather all the documents you need to travel overseas, and there’s it.

Relocating to another country requires much more planning because once you move, you’ll still have to pay the bills, make meals and work to make sure you have enough money. That’s why you should check the following things when planning to relocate and live overseas:

  • Explore the job market and what are the popular jobs – the cost of living overseas can bring many challenges. You can start saving some money because you need to think about unpredictable things that could happen. However, that emergency fund probably won’t be enough, so finding what you’ll work for in the future country is essential. Of course, having some skills is just a plus, but being able to adjust to the new surroundings, adapt to a work-life balance and quickly break the language barrier are the things that count the most.
  • The cost of living – if you don’t know the average cost of living of the place you plan to relocate to, you can’t plan practically anything, right? It doesn’t matter that you found the perfect work when not knowing if your salary can cover the basic expenses. That’s why you can check Numbeo and pick the city you find most attractive. Once you check everything, write down how much money you’ll approximately need every month and compare it with your monthly salary.
  • Arrange the relocation for your furry friend – when relocating with pets, there are some steps you should take as soon as possible because they might take some time. Every country has its own regulations, from banned breeds to vaccination certificates needed.
  • Research the taxes and retirement benefits – don’t omit the financial planning because you have to do your research before the relocation day. Also, ensure you know what taxes you will pay in the future place and check if your employer plays any role in it.
  • Sort out banking overseas – one of the first things you want to do after the relocation is learning how to set a local bank account. You should inform yourself because you’ll need only the ID to open an account in one country, and in another, you’ll need to prove your identity and local address.
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#1 Norway – The Land of the Midnight Sun Will Provide You With Everything For You and Your Family

You’ve been thinking about taking the leap and relocating where you can give your family and yourself a better life? Then you’re probably wondering what country is the cheapest and safest place to live and good places overseas for families. Norway is an excellent example of a place where outdoor activities are around every corner and are free, as well. That way, your little ones will spend more time outside rather than inside playing games, right?

On the other hand, grown-ups have many possibilities for getting work, and standards are high. In fact, don’t be surprised that high quality stands for housing, too. Whether you’re renting or buying, the Norwegian houses and buildings are in excellent shape. However, you can figure that the cost is higher, so plan wisely your budget. These are only some of the reasons why expats are relocating more and more to the Land of the midnight sun.

Networking and Getting to Know People Make Life Easier Here

Although it will sound strange, finding a job in a smaller place will be easier. Yes, the first thing when we think of Norway, we think of Oslo, but you might reconsider it as your future home. The competitive housing market isn’t the only thing you should worry about. Finding a job there won’t be easy as well. However, in the small towns and villages, the situation is quite different. Don’t hesitate to ask people around; you’ll be surprised how networking can make your stay here easier.

Relocating to a country overseas doesn't mean the big city or capital will provide you everything you want

#2 Portugal – Get Used to the Iberian Peninsula Lifestyle and Rich Culture

The relocation process to Portugal for American citizens isn’t hard as you may think. In fact, finding a perfect spot has never been easier when looking for the greatest locations in Europe. Whether you’re looking for a metropolis lifestyle and excellent job opportunities or a quiet place in the countryside, you can find what you want. As for most metropolises, if you opt to relocate to Lisbon or Porto, know that finding a house will be a challenging task.

Portuguese people are very friendly and welcoming, not just with American expats. This is very important since you’ll probably have some rough times understanding the language in the beginning. So, besides the travel process, you should check tips on how to learn different languages.

Thinking About Retiring – Percentage of Retirees Is Above-Average Here

Living in Europe as an American isn’t as easy as it sounds, but if you’re seeking an adventure – Portugal may be just the right choice for you. With the lowest cost of living in Western Europe, Portugal makes the perfect country for those who want to retire here. It’s a well-known trend, not just for that, but also because the country has so much to offer. One of the greatest areas for retirement in Europe will be the opportunity to experience a rich culture and vivid lifestyle.

Exploring Portugal will be an adventure no matter which city or town you choose

#3 Canada – Combo of Diverse Cultures and High Living Standards

High standards and diverse cultures make Canada the perfect place for expats. If you decide to move to Canada and start a new adventure, you should first pick the city that suits your needs. There are plenty of options available. In fact, this shouldn’t surprise you because it’s the second-largest country in the world after Russia. This means finding a house won’t be as challenging as in other countries. Also, there are many parks and open spaces that often raise the mood – this is definitely one of the reasons why Canada is ranked as one of the happiest places.

Expat Friendly Country That Will Feel Like Home

When thinking about the friendliest countries in the world, Canada will probably cross your mind the first. This nation is known for the kind and easy-going crowd that will welcome every expat. And because of the laid-back lifestyle, Canadians prefer to solve all their problems with the talk rather than fighting – that makes the country one with the lowest crime rates too. So, here are some of the cities you should consider immigrating to Canada:

  • Ottawa – the job market is thriving in Canada, and it’s almost understandable that young professionals are relocating to a cultural hub like Ottawa.
  • Torontorelocating to Toronto will bring you many possibilities but know you’ll pay a lot for housing. However, salaries can more than cover it if you opt to stay in Toronto. Newcomers will have many choices with neighborhoods in Toronto, and everyone can find what suits them.
  • Montreal relocating to Montreal means good transportation networking that will help a lot if you’re a student living here (Montreal stands as a student’s capital.) That’s why you probably won’t need a guide to ship your car overseas.
Relocating in Canada will bring you numerous opportunities on so many levels

#4 New Zealand – One of the Most Beautiful Countries in the World

People are relocating for many reasons, whether they are looking for a better job opportunity or top-notch education. That’s why you need to ensure the country you’re planning to make your home is a good fit. New Zealand is an attractive destination for an expat that is looking for stunning natural scenery and the same language-speaking area. However, Kiwis aren’t known just for delicious coffee and honey. Let’s see what this country can offer you.

High Salary, Top-Notch Education and High-Quality Healthcare

High quality of life, excellent healthcare, many rights for expats, a salary that will cover all the expenses and still have something to put in your monthly budget saving is more than enough to draw people here. Although it’s far from everything, maybe that’s what you really need to start over. Whether you’re relocating alone or there’s some waiting for you, and you’re relocating for love, you shouldn’t omit to travel and visit all the destinations in this wonderful country. If you don’t know where to start, watch the video below.

#5 Ghana – Economy Boom on the African Continent

If you’re open to a great adventure, then relocating to an African country with rich history and diverse flora and fauna is just the leap you need to take. Be prepared because you won’t be seeing a typical Western lifestyle here. However, this could be the main reason why people move here, besides the charming originality and welcoming people. Get ready to embark on a journey that will enable you to meet a completely different lifestyle than you experienced before.

Travel and experience different cultures and lifestyles are something Ghana can provide you with

Let Trustworthy International Moving Company Make Your Decision Easier With the Relocation Services You’ll Need

Deciding the right place where you’ll travel and spend some time isn’t the easiest task to do. What is one of the best places for Americans to live abroad will depend mostly on your needs and wishes. That’s why you should hire a trustworthy relocation company to take care of all the international moving services.

Whether you’ll need packing services and the storage facility for some of your stuff, or even a container-size shipping service, it will be good to have a helping hand, right? Don’t forget that maybe you’ll need reliable overseas vehicle shipping, too, depending on the country you’re relocating to. Whatever the answer might be, relocating across the world can be a once-in-a-lifetime type of adventure. So, don’t miss it.

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