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8 Most Common Reasons to Move Explained

Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

It is estimated that America’s expat community counts more than 8 million people in various countries around the globe, with each person having their own reasons to move out of the homeland. Love, work, and money are just a few examples of the driving force behind the relocation, and the ones strong enough to persuade people to move even to a different continent. Continue reading and find out the most common motives behind the international move.

#1 Meeting New Places, People and Cultures  – A Need to Grow

One of the best ways of enriching your mind and expanding your horizons is becoming a part of a culture different from your own – that is what initially attracts those with an adventurous spirit. And, as an unwritten rule, the more difference a new culture brings, the more you will learn from it. Relocation to Seoul, for example, is bound to bring a lot more culture shock to an American expat than relocation to Canada. If your move demands breaking the language barrier, be prepared to meet the lifestyle you are utterly unfamiliar with.

Moving Overseas and Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Even a local and cross-country move could impact your routine and force you to go outside what you’re used to, and it only intensifies with an international move. Not only that you’ll be far from your support network, but you’ll be surrounded by social practices, values, and beliefs that you are not accustomed to. Sometimes going out of the comfort zone could be followed by negative emotions such as fear and self-doubt until the unfamiliar stops being that strange and scary. That is why adjusting to a different country will undoubtedly make a significant impact on your personal growth.

Learning and Improving Yourself

Living overseas, far away from family and friends, means that expats have to learn to rely on themselves. Even when you are relocating with your immediate family, there will be no grandparents nearby that can hop and watch their grandchildren if something comes up. Improving self-reliance is even more pronounced when a person is relocating abroad alone, where there are many miles and time zones separating them from the persons they relied on for help before. Learning how to become strong and independent is unavoidable when relocating from the home country – and that is precisely what some, especially young expats seek.

Getting the Experience Like No Other

While cross-country move is usually based on some more practical motives, many future expats relocate to the foreign city seeking amazing and unforgettable experiences they couldn’t get inside the borders of their own country. Finding some of the friendliest countries in the world and spending time with interesting people could be a dream come true. A new country’s wonders and change of scenery combined with fresh and different perspectives could be the main reason for relocation from the home country, for some.

In addition to that, those with wanderlust will adore the opportunity of staying on different continents – each of them is a home for many countries with unique cultures and history. By organizing just one moving by sea, meeting many different nationalities will become a possibility. They will be only a short ride away, which is why the option of shipping a car overseas could be counted as a blessing. Endless possibilities concerning traveling and exploring drive people to gather documents needed to travel abroad and relocate to some of the best cities to live in Europe, Asia, or Africa.

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#2 The Beginning or the End of Personal Relationships as Common Reasons to Move to a New City

Moving to another country for love is a very usual occurrence – we all know that love knows no boundaries. However, it is not a secret that long-distance relationships are hard to maintain. Many are willing and ready to leave everything they know behind when the time for the next move with their significant other comes. Nevertheless, moving across the world for some could be a product of a completely opposite event. It could help those unlucky in love to start over after a devastating divorce or breakup. Either way, note that the changes in personal relationships could be a significant factor in relocation decisions.

#3 Living Close to Family and Friends Is Important for Many People

People who you love, the ones lucky enough to be called your family and friends, could need you closer to them. Grandparents often wish to move to a space closer to their children and grandchildren, or a person could opt for international relocation to help a friend in need. Therefore, know that learning how to move abroad could be connected to family love, not just the romantic interest.

Living closer to the family could motivate some to relocate abroad

#4 Finances as a Motive for Building a Home in a Different Country

The common reason for moving out of an apartment or house, even if it is a local move in question, is a financial one. Some change neighborhoods and cities so they can get a more affordable cost of living, and that remains one of the main reasons for international relocation. Many foreign countries can provide a less expensive cost of living combined with a better life standard –  a benefit many are ready to explore.

More Affordable Places to Live

If you want to enjoy a paradise on earth, moving to Hawaii could be one of the possible choices. However, if you look for a space outside the country’s borders, you’ll learn that there are many more affordable heavenly destinations. Did you know that you only need $1000 on a monthly basis to live comfortably in Thailand or that by relocating to the Bahamas, you can save on government taxes? It could be enough to hire packing services, book a flight and lock your house for good.

In Search of the Lower Costs

Future expats who want to find the cheapest countries to live in research places such as Vietnam, Venezuela, Pakistan, or Ecuador and avoid those that attract tourists such as France or Italy. However, the cost of the house or rent alongside the price of groceries, transportation, and food are not the only factors impacting average expenses.

#5 A Rise in Medical Costs Has Been a Leading Factor in Recent Relocations

The leading bankruptcy reasons in the US are connected to medical expenses, so many expect to live abroad in order to get more affordable healthcare options – note that counties such as Germany or France have universal healthcare policy – your health can only benefit when living in Europe as an American. Bonus tip: know that you don’t have to switch continents if you don’t wish to – this policy is also a part of Canada’s health system.

The high cost of healthcare is just one of the motives behind the origin of medical tourism. If you want to find out more about this strange occurrence, make sure to watch the following video:

#6 Excellent Education Opportunities Can Demand Searching for a House Outside of the Homeland

Many student programs are offering exceptional education options for students all over the world. In some cases, individuals are given the opportunities to learn at some of the most prestigious schools and from the best professors. They could choose to live in a foreign country for one semester, a year, or even more. European countries such as Spain, Greece, and Austria have the best programs for studying abroad, and they are known to provide students with the most valuable college experiences. And even better – by learning in a foreign city, young adults are bound to learn more than just from books.

On the other hand, when seeking the best places to live abroad with family, parents will also consider education for their children. If that is something you are interested in and think you’ll need in the future, know that better education is usually connected to the most developed countries – think about Scandinavian cities, as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, or Japan.

Search for the best education is a good reason for spending a year or more abroad

#7 Work-Related International Move

One more of the reasons people move out of the country could be connected to cooperative relocation. If your company is experiencing a change in the form of expansion to the other continents or already has a branch there, you may be asked to take a job position abroad. The negative side of this kind of relocation is that your future home is chosen for you, which is especially hard if you appreciate where you are standing at the moment and would not like to change it. However, there is no reason not to enjoy the new experience – learn how to keep in touch with friends and research all the amazing aspects of your new destination so that you could get the best from what you have.

Better Job Opportunities Could Easily Lure You Out of the Home Country

International relocation could be a result of finding a better-paid job across the border or the possibility to improve professional skills and abilities. Relocation to a foreign and unfamiliar country for work could be considered a risky and bold move if, but thanks to modern technology, it is possible to have a secured job even before the relocation date. Because of the way the world is connected nowadays, your only concern should be finding an appropriate house or an apartment and getting a work visa.

Relocation to a foreign city, could provide you with better job opportunities

#8 Moving Overseas as a Way to Enjoy the Well-Earned Retirement

After a long working life, many seniors want to enjoy the newly gained freedom and relocate to the place from their fantasies. When seeking the best places to retire in Europe, they often choose a city with breathtaking scenery and rich national history, or just a place that could fulfill them more than their old home ever would. More often, they search for a warm climate with beautiful beaches where they could relax and enjoy every moment – even if that means moving far away from their old home.

Relocating from the home country could be a blessing after all many years of work

The Move That Guarantees Ennobled Life

If you choose to move internationally for any reason, the goal you want to achieve will be enriched with the possibility of exploring a new world and its unique culture. Every moment of your everyday life will become a significant experience that makes you learn more about yourself and everything around you – you’ll have much more space to grow. So, why wait? Make your moving abroad checklist and book an international moving company for an exciting new beginning.

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