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Here’s the Ultimate List of Items Movers Won’t Move

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If you are using relocating services for the first time, you probably think that you will be able to transport all your items, but that is not the case. There are a number of items movers won’t move, and they are especially rigorous when it comes to moving internationally.

Imagine waiting for a moving crew to arrive, only for them to come to your home and say that they cannot load your possessions until you have separated all the things that go against their policy. This is a frequent occurrence for uninformed people. Therefore, if you want to evade such inconveniences, we advise you to read this article.

Do Movers Move Everything? The Answer Is No, There Are Items Movers Won’t Move

Fortunately, the list of things that are banned does not differ much between companies. Thus you will have a clear idea of what not to include in your relocating abroad checklist after you have read this article. However, you should contact the company you have hired and ask them to provide you with their rules and regulations, particularly if you are moving overseas. Here are some common banned things:

  • Hazardous materials and items,
  • Food,
  • Pets.

Will Movers Move Things Not in Boxes? Depends What Kind of Object Is in Question

The general rule of moving companies is that everything that could be placed in a box should be placed in a box for relocation. Boxes can easily be moved and loaded onto a vehicle. When boxes are properly stacked, any undesired movement is minimized. Hence, boxes prevent objects from breaking, and you would want your possessions to be safe if they have to cross a long distance.

If you are unsure how to pack fragile items, you can hire professional packers. These people are trained in packing household possessions, and they will ensure that your glass possessions are safely packed and protected for transport. Moreover, they will pack all your other

belongings, and overall increase the efficiency of moving a lot.

Moving to Another Country? Free Estimate

Relocating abroad alone is a tough process, and a reliable movers company can provide you with packing services that will give you a lot of time to prepare yourself for adjusting to a new country. Furthermore, they also have storage services and, if needed, overseas vehicle shipping.

For local moves, it is possible to relocate your belongings with just the help of your friends and family, but when it comes to international relocation, you will need professional services. There are many demands that have to be met, especially when it comes to borders, and such a service will facilitate everything a lot.

Two guys lifting a stack of boxes
Boxes are the most convenient containers for moving

What Will Packers Not Pack? Personal Items Should Be With You When Moving

Let us start with personal belongings. Things such as jewelry, personal documents, especially ones needed to travel abroad, family heirlooms, basically anything that has sentimental or personal value. Professional packers can pack your personal belongings if you insist so, but every professional will advise you to carry such possessions with you.

The reason why most of the relocation services have such a policy is that the insurance covers only the material value, not the sentimental. There is always a risk that something will be damaged or lost, particularly if your possessions have to travel a long distance. Therefore, it’s unnecessary for them to take such responsibility, and it is entirely up to you to decide how you will move such objects.

The best way to approach this issue is to take a few containers that will be beside you while traveling. Thus, you will at any moment know where your most precious objects are, and you can always monitor them. Losing or damaging something that is sentimentally invaluable cannot be covered with any insurance, and it is certainly best to take professional advice here.

A diamond ring
Your most valuable things should always be close to you when relocating

What Won’t Removalists Take? There Are a Few Groups of Items and Hazardous Materials That No One Will Move for You

Knowing what to pack when moving abroad is extremely important. Besides knowing what won’t movers move, you will also have to comply with the policies of the country that you are relocating to. You can obtain all the needed information from the embassy. When relocating across the world, you will want to minimize the relocation stress as much as possible, and this is done by getting proper information like this.

Hazardous Materials and Objects Are a Big No for Moving Companies

Under no circumstances will a company accept to move objects that are combustible or have explosive properties. The list here is quite long. It begins with the smallest things like matches, lighters, or nail polish removers. Objects that have gasoline, acid, or gunpowder in them are strictly forbidden as well.

You have probably intended to pack your home cleaning supplies, deodorants, and hair dyes, but chemicals like these are not allowed. It is best to contact the company that you have hired and ask them to give a list of objects and materials that they label as hazardous. You will just end up wasting precious time if you do not know what you are allowed to pack. Here is a list of common dangerous objects that are banned by all international moving companies:

  • Gasoline or any other type of fuel,
  • Acids,
  • Any cleaning or corrosive chemicals,
  • Varnishes, paints, and dyes,
  • Weapons and ammunition,
  • Any combustible objects such as matches, firecrackers, or lighters,
  • Poisons, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Finally, we must end this section with a warning. If you have thought about surreptitiously packing some banned item, please do not do that. It may seem to you that it is not a big deal to pack a can of deodorant, but there can be some serious consequences if something bad happens.

Colorful liquid in laboratory glassware
Any type of chemical is strictly forbidden from being transported

An International Moving Company Will Never Carry Food

We can all agree that food is not combustible, but it has the potential to inflict another type of serious damage onto your possessions. On long distances, any type of food will at the very least become stale, but most likely, it will become putrid. In that state, it can cause irreparable damage to your possessions.

The odor can permeate the entire storage unit. It can attract all sorts of insects and rodents that can easily destroy anything that is packed. Not only will your own possessions be ruined, but also the company’s property, like protective layers and containers, are in danger as well. As you can see, such a seemingly trivial thing can cause massive trouble.

Photo of red pepper, pickles, broccoli, and celery
Any type of perishable food is not allowed for transport

Unfortunately, Plants Are Forbidden as Well

Many people find it hard to get separated from their plants, and that is completely understandable, but there are several reasons why movers will not take your plants. The main reason is the law that states that any type of vegetation cannot travel more than 150 miles, which means that relocating abroad is out of the question for your beloved verdure.

The other reason why plants are forbidden is that they simply cannot withstand the entire journey, and they will most likely wither. In such a state, a plant can attract many insects and rodents that can wreak havoc on both your possessions and the company’s. Therefore, the best thing to do is give them to someone or donate your plants somewhere.

Only Specific and Qualified Companies Can Relocate Your Pets

If you are relocating with your dogs, there are a few ways to approach this situation. However, professional moving crews will not provide you with that service. Your pet, above all, is a living being that needs special attention. Thus, storing him inside a container in the back of a truck, then in some storage department, and finally in some overseas cargo unit is, to say the least, unacceptable.

If you are relocating to another country with your pet, it is best to travel together. There are two ways to go about this. You can travel either by air or sea. Airline companies have strict policies for each animal breed, but it is truly the most convenient way to travel with your pet. Depending on the size, your pet will either be placed in the plane’s cargo or travel with you.

When traveling by sea, you will have to ship your car overseas, but traveling together will be both a wonderful experience for you and your pet. Much anxiety will probably be experienced at the thought of living abroad, and your pet will share all your feelings. Traveling and spending time together will instill much confidence for starting your new overseas life.

However, if you are not in a situation to travel together, you need to contact professional pet relocators that will treat your pet with great care during transportation. They are trained professionals with veterinary experience. Thus any special need such as medical treatment will be administered properly and in due time.

English bulldog inside a car
The relocation of your pets is your responsibility

Some Items Will Not Be Accepted if They Are Not Adequately Prepared for Transportation

There are certain objects that require special preparation if they are to be accepted by relocating crews. Here is a list of the most common ones that are usually denied if they are not in the right condition:

  • Any objects that have gasoline, oil, and propane tanks such as mowers, barbecues, chainsaws. You will have to empty the tank before any relocation can be done.
  • Food storage units have to be emptied as well. Therefore, if you want to relocate your fridge, you will have to empty it and clean it before the fridge can be loaded onto a truck.
  • Objects that are dusty or dirty will not be accepted. If your furniture is too dusty or dirty, it will not be loaded for relocation until it’s properly cleaned.

Here is a useful video on how to easily clean dusty pieces of furniture such as sofas or chairs and prepare them for relocation.

Having the Right Knowledge Gives You a Lot More Time to Dedicate to Yourself

As you can see, relocation cannot be done without proper information and reliable services. Just packing a tiny item such as a lighter or a box of matches can seriously disrupt the process of relocation and aggravate the anxiety that is naturally present when a person has decided to move to a foreign country. Therefore, consider every relocating guide that you can find.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful. With such valuable insight, you will not have to worry anymore about this issue, and you can focus on the culture shock that awaits in your new foreign home. There are many beautiful reasons to move, and the right knowledge and service enable you to focus on them.

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