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Things to Know Before Moving to Argentina

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If you are about to embark on an adventure of moving to Argentina from the US – surely you want to soak up all there is to know about the country before moving abroad. We’ll tell you about the required documentation, cost of living, benefits, shortcomings, and much more.

If you are considering living overseas, this charming South American country with enchanting nature, rich culture, and beautiful weather might just be one of the best choices. Whether you are moving abroad alone for work or moving to another country for loveyou will find what you are looking for in Argentina, and we’ll tell you what you need to know before you get there.

Is Argentina a Good Place to Live?

Argentina is the second-largest country in South America. When you hear its name, first things that might spring to mind are – soccer, gauchos (local cowboys), tango, beef, wine, and the new Pope. Buenos Aires has been compared to Europe (Barcelona) and often called the “South American Paris” due to the rich culture and passionate people. And the country is of the friendliest countries in the world and one with substance. Expats also appreciate a relatively affordable cost of living and free and high-quality health care and education.

Gauchos, the local cowboys, on a break in the countryside.

How to Move to Argentina From the US?

When considering how to move abroad, the first and foremost is to know the documents needed to travel abroadUS citizens don’t need a visa to enter Argentina and can stay there for 90 days without one. As immigration rules aren’t strict and there is no punishment or ban, some people choose to overstay and pay a fine of about $100. Others decide to take a ride to Uruguay for a couple of days and come back again, but this is hardly a long-term solution. And getting a visa/residence permit isn’t that difficult, so this is the way to go if you plan on relocating to Argentina for a longer period of time.

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Most Popular Types of Visas Are Job-Related Visas

US expats mostly choose to relocate for work, so they choose some of the work visas. Family members like spouses and children under 18 should apply for a dependent visa. To apply for an appropriate visa, you should collect the required documents, set up a meeting with the consular staff, and attend an interview. Note that you should also pay a visa fee and don’t fret about the interview; getting the visa isn’t difficult. Just make sure you have all the documents they ask for – this is the biggest hassle as their bureaucracy is complicated.

Listed below are the most popular types of visas.

  • Work visa – for those with salaried jobs in Argentina and a work permit (the company arranges the work permit)
  • Investment Visa – for those intending to invest in the country
  • Retirement Visa – for those looking to retire in the country

Obtaining the Right to Residency and Citizenship

If you’ve lived in the country for two years, you can apply for the indefinite residency. Getting it shouldn’t be a problem – just brace yourself for bureaucracy hurdles along the way. You can also get dual citizenship after two years of uninterrupted stay in Argentina with proof of employment.

Obtaining a visa is easy once you’ve gathered all the documents required.

Low Cost of Living Compared to the States

Though the cost of living is on the rise, especially in Buenos Aires, it is still much lower compared to the States. The country itself has a global index of 30.55, with the capital being the most expensive place to live in the country. Still, US expats find the cost of living in Buenos Aires inexpensive and lead comfortable or affluent lives. Keep in mind that the Argentine economy tends to fluctuate, so things will probably change by the time you read this. Check Numbeo for the latest info.

What is a good salary to live in Argentina? What kind of job do you need to afford the cost of living?

That depends on your lifestyle, but a four-member family can lead a comfortable life with around $2,000. Restaurants and services are cheap – one person can eat in a restaurant for as little as $10. What US expats consider the biggest issue is securing funding for buying a property there, as you can’t get any loans in Argentina, so you would have to have that sorted elsewhere or rent. Also, with residency, you’ll be able to get a better deal on your rent, with prices dropping up to 3 times!

The Job Market Is Unstable but Improving

The job market is unstable, especially following the global pandemic, and many Argentinians have lost their jobs. Learning a language abroad and speaking Spanish would significantly increase your chances during the job hunt. And it will help with breaking the language barrier when making new friends. But, even then, you would have to settle with much less than what you would earn in the States, so most expats choose to work in American or global companies or teach English.

Being able to speak Spanish will help when looking for employment.

Need-to-Know – Health Insurance and Education

Health care is free in Argentina and provided by the government to all. The quality of healthcare is excellent; the only problem with the public one is the long waiting times. So, to avoid this, many foreigners opt for private insuranceEducation is also free – even the university, but to Argentinians only –  making Argentina one of the best places to live abroad with family. Make sure to register your kids at the local municipality to get access to free, high-quality education.

Register your kids at the local municipality for access to free education.

More About the Country and the People

Argentina is a vast country that has it all nature-wise – plains in La Pampa, mountains and lakes in Patagonia, deserts in Santa Fe, and the ocean around it. Soccer is what Argentinians are passionate about and famous for worldwide. So if you are a fan of the game, you’ll love it here. Adjusting to a new country won’t be so easy if you’re a vegan or vegetarian – the people just love their meat here, and you can have the best stake for only $10! Vegan options are limited, but expanding with new places popping up each month in the capital of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is the city most expats choose and home to people from all around the world

Buenos Aires has been called the Paris of South America due to its rich culture – it’s one of the world’s theater capitals, and there’s something to see every day. Tango is also hugely popular here, as this is its birthplace. People are avid readers – 85% of the population reads at least one book per month. They are very welcoming and open, friendly and honest, and when you make a friend in Argentina, you get a loyal friend for life. You are probably consumed with thoughts on how to keep in touch with friends back home in the States, but open your heart to new friendships in Argentina – it will be well worth it.

You’ll just love nature here.

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