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How Expat Communities Can Help You Adjust to a New Country – And Where to Find Them

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Are you planning on moving abroad? Knowing which expat communities exist in your destination country can mean so much for your adjustment to unfamiliar surroundings. What is an expat community, and why is it helpful to be familiar with the ones that exist in the place you’re relocating to? Let’s find out.

Before you start living overseas, finding the answer to the question Where do most expats live is one of the essential steps to take. Adjusting to a new country is a process that lasts and can be difficult, but if you surround yourself with people who have experienced the same things you’re going through, it can be much easier. Read on to learn more about the usefulness of expat communities.

Who Are Expats and What Are Expat Communities?

An expat or expatriate is someone who lives in a country that isn’t their native one. This term also refers to anyone moving overseas and taking employment positions outside of their homeland. They can do that individually, be sent by their employers, or their reason to move can be retirement. In short, expatriate is a name for a person looking to relocate to one of the best places to retire, work, get an education, or live.

Having that in mind, it’s easy to understand what an expatriate community is and why it is beneficial for adjusting to another part of the globe. People that are relocating across the world often search for other folks from their motherland and form groups or communities. It is by far the most efficient way to learn how to live abroad.

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How to Find Expat Communities or Groups? Digital Tools Might Be the Best Option

No matter if you’re relocating to Seoul or you plan on relocating to Hungary, there will be at least a couple of American expat communities waiting for you. The easiest way to find a community you’re looking for is to Google it, of course. You can also look for them on social media or look around the city for some English-speaking places such as bars or cafes. Another option is to use helpful websites such as Expat or perhaps InterNations. Through these websites, you can find communities online, read the experience they shared, and eventually share your own.

small globe
Before you decide in which city you want to have a home, be sure to find communities of expatriates

Expatriate Communities Are Very Useful for Any Newcomer

Finding and becoming a part of an expatriate group is like coming to an unknown location where you already have friends. People that have gone through the same situations you’re dealing with right now will have answers to all of your questions. An expat who’s been residing in a city long enough can help you find a home, job, or event that you’d like to attend. They can also recommend some language courses that they attended, or you can go together and make friends with them. Everything is much easier if you have someone who can share their experience with you.

Becoming a part of an expatriate group has many benefits

Where Are the Largest Expat Communities?

The world is an open market, and globalization has brought so many options to people from all around the planet. Some cities and countries are known for their number of foreign-born residents. If you were wondering which country is best for expats, the data from the United Nations showed these results – the US is the country with the most immigrants in the world, followed by Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. Relocating to Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, or some other city in Canada is also very popular. Australia isn’t far behind, and neither are the UK and the Netherlands. As for cities, the Big Apple attracts millions of foreigners, relocating to Dubai takes second place, followed by relocating to Toronto, Canada, and Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Where Are the Largest American Expat Communities?

For US citizens, the reasons for international moving might not be the same as the ones that a person from Asia, Africa, or Europe might have. According to some sources, around nine million US residents found their forever home across the border. The biggest number of Americans are in Mexico, the second place goes to Canada, and the third one is the United Kingdom.

Mexico is definitely the favorite destination for US citizens looking to reside abroad

Why Is Mexico in the First Place?

Approximately more than a million Americans reside in Mexico. Other estimates show that there aren’t more than 800,000 American immigrants there. Whatever the number, Mexico is the place where most non-military US citizens live outside of the USA, and that many people can’t be wrong. Despite the fact that it’s right across the border, the nation has many reasons for US citizens to relocate here. Most of them came for retirement, and a big percentage of Americans are there because of work.

US Expats Have Many More Convincing Reasons to Move Abroad to This Country

TV shows and movies might present Mexico as an unsafe place with drug cartels around every corner, but it’s actually one of the best places to live abroad with family and even to move abroad alone. There are many safe cities such as Puerto Vallarta, La Paz, Sayulita, and Merida. The climate is just beautiful – it’s warm and pleasant all year round. Not to mention that you’ll get to spend your summers on any Mexican beach you want.

But what Americans like the most about living here is probably the lower cost of living and the ability to afford real estate. Healthcare is also more affordable, which inevitably means a better quality of life. We all know about tasty Mexican food, so there’s no point in describing how amazing it is to have it at your fingertips. All in all, Mexico is not only one of the friendliest countries in the world but also America’s favorite expatriate destination. Check out the video below to see what else you need to know about residing in Mexico, other than the necessary breaking of the language barrier.

Costa Rica Is Heaven for US Residents

Aside from being heaven on Earth, Costa Rica is also heaven for Americans. Thousands of people from the US get the documents needed to travel abroad and relocate there every year. This tropical paradise attracts retirees and all of those who want to reside near the beach and nature. The climate is also an important factor, so if you like the Californian vibe, but want to reside outside of the US, Costa Rica is a perfect choice. There’s only one thing to keep in mind – residing here isn’t like being on vacation. Spend some time doing the research before relocating so that you can know what you can expect.

Two people enjoying sunset at the beach
Living and working by the beach is many people’s dream, so why not make it true?

Argentina Is Also One of the Favorite Places

Thinking about leaving the busy lifestyle and finding a more relaxed place? Then relocating to Argentina is just for you. Their culture is so chill and laid back, the people are friendly, and the weather is beautiful. Buenos Aires, Bariloche, and Mendoza are just a few of the cities you can choose for your adventure. You’ll have plenty of places to explore since Argentina is very big and beautiful. The best thing for expatriates living in this country is that it’s very cheap for foreigners. If you’re working remotely and you get to receive your American salary in Argentina, you’ll have no financial worries. However, if you’re relocating without a job, you might face some problems finding a position that brings enough money.

Which Other South American Countries Can You Choose?

South America offers many more places to relocate to and live your best life. Cuenca is a vivacious city in Ecuador with colorful festivals, incredible food, and breathtaking nature. With ideal spring-like weather year-round and beautiful scenery, Cuenca easily makes for one of the favorite destinations for relocating. Expatriates love it, and there are so many reasons for that. It’s very artistic, historic, and active. An amazing pro is that you won’t have to worry about shipping a car overseas, since the city is very pedestrian-friendly. If you love spending time walking around the city and exploring, Cuenca is an ideal choice.

Another option is Uruguay. The slower pace of life makes it perfect for retirees, but also for young people looking for a place where they can live a more relaxed life. It’s safe, warm, and slow-paced, you’ll be surrounded by friendly people, and the cost of living isn’t on the high end. There’s only one thing – before you relocate, make sure you learn some Spanish. With a few basic phrases, your experience in Uruguay will be much more interesting and pleasant. Be sure to put that on your moving abroad checklist.

The culture of South American countries is known to be very rich and colorful

Finding a Community and Moving Internationally to Asia Is Another Amazing Idea

American digital nomads easily fall in love with Asian destinations as well. Two of the best countries to live in Asia are Vietnam and Thailand. From breathtaking sights to fresh and tasty food, these two destinations are amazing options for expatriate travelers. Their culture is so rich, there are so many beautiful towns, and if you want to be closer to nature, you just have to leave your apartment. Thailand has already established communities of freelancers and self-employed folks, while Vietnam offers amazing employment opportunities if you want to teach English. The Vietnamese economy is also one of the fastest-growing in Southeast Asia. Both of these destinations offer you to reside in a city or in a bungalow on an island – it’s your choice. Just imagine yourself working on a beach while watching sunsets and listening to waves crashing on the shore. Do you need any more reasons to move here?

boat on shore
Asia offers so many amazing options for all expatriates

Wherever You Decide to Move, Be Sure You Hire the Right International Moving Company

Moving abroad is an amazing opportunity to broaden your horizons, face new challenges, and thrive in every sense. Whether you choose to move to the Bahamas or perhaps to Zurich, you’ll have to find a professional company that can provide you with all the services you need. That includes international moving by air as well as international moving by sea, efficient and fast packing services, and, if necessary, a storage unit. If you’re relocating your business, be sure you find a company that offers corporate moving services, and if you plan on taking your vehicle with you, find out more about overseas vehicle shipping. Contact a reputable company, schedule a free survey to determine how much your move can cost, and plan your relocation. Every expatriate community will wait for you with open hands.

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