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Is Moving From New York to London a Smart Decision?

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If you are currently considering moving from New York to London, you are probably worried about whether that is a good idea. These cities have much in common but also have their differences. They are both important cosmopolitan centers with vast opportunities, but on two continents and quite different cultures. However, if you want to know if relocating to the capital of the UK is a good idea, we can help you find the right answer.

Do many people wonder if living in London is better than living in New York? The answer to this question may vary from everyone’s perspective, but some general things should be considered. The UK’s capital is generally less expensive than NYC, but it also has lower monthly salaries. However, these cities have much in common regarding the general style of living, so most people think that it is not hard adjusting to the UK’s capital-NYC transfer.

General Thoughts on Moving From New York to London

If you are planning on living in Europe as an American, you are probably thinking about what are the best cities to live in. If you are used to living in NYC and you’re planning on living overseas, the closest thing to The Big Apple would be the capital city of the United Kingdom. Home of Big Ben is known for having that hectic atmosphere and constant buzz, which is something Manhattan is known for.

Most Americans don’t have more significant problems adjusting to the culture of the UK’s capital, even though there is a massive distinction between the cultures of these two communities. The relieving thing is that you won’t need to break the language barrier, but you will have to adjust to a different time zone.

Working and living in the UK’s capital will be as exciting as it is in New York, and you’ll probably be super excited about the change of scenery. The chances that you’ll feel like you’ve made a mistake because of moving overseas are minimal.

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Is It Possible for an American to Move to London?

Now that you’re probably intrigued to learn more about living in the UK’s capital as an American, you’re probably wondering, Is it hard for an American to move to the UK? or Can I live in the UK as a US citizen? Legal matters are always important, and to learn more about what you must do to be able to live and work in the UK, you should contact the Embassy.

They will give you more information about which documents are needed to travel to the UK, what paperwork to bring with you, and other essential matters such as Visa, Healthcare, Bank accounts, Insurance, and similar stuff.

If you are thinking about How do I permanently move to the UK From the USA? You can also get these answers from the people at the embassy. You can also inform yourself on the internet completely free.

Visa close up
If you want to stay indefinitely in the UK, make sure you have a visa

Cost of Living in London Is Lower Than in New York City But So Are the Monthly Salaries

When you are considering relocating to a big city, it is super important to inform yourself about the costs of living, as bigger cities are usually more expensive. If you are planning on living abroad in the UK, you probably came to wonder: Is it cheaper to live in NYC or London?

According to Numbeo, most living expenses are significantly lower in the UK’s capital than in NYC. Which, at first, might sound like a good enough reason to move from the Big Apple to the capital of the UK.

However, it is also important to mention that the monthly salaries in the UK’s capital are lower than in NYC. So if you are planning on relocating to the UK’s capital with an NYC salary, that will probably be a great financial cushion for you.

Do US Citizens Living in the UK Pay US Taxes?

If you plan to live in the UK as an American citizen, you will need to file your US taxes. Relocating abroad as a US citizen doesn’t mean you won’t need to pay taxes. This goes out for all US citizens, even those who are no longer earning US incomes. The tax system of the United States of America works on a citizenship abscess, so if you are still a citizen of the US, you are taxable on your income, no matter where you live and earn.

Money in the United Kingdom
Cost of living is generally lower in UK's capital than in New York

UK’s Capital Has Vast Job Opportunities

The UK’s capital and NYC are metropolitan cities with many opportunities for personal and professional growth. If you are wondering, Can I move to the UK without a job? Most people would say yes since the UK’s capital offers various employment opportunities and positions. But, in that case, it is always better to prepare a specific budget to keep you secure while you are on your job hunt.

If you manage to get a job in NYC, finding a position in the UK’s capital won’t be any more difficult for you. If you want to know more about getting a job here, you can search for some educational videos on Youtube, such as the one below, where you’ll hear some important relocation tips.

What Is the House Market Like in the UK’s Capital?

If you are moving to London from New York, the housing market is an essential aspect that should be taken into consideration. Generally speaking, the UK’s capital and NYC have the most expensive property prices in the world. NYC is significantly more costly when it comes to housing.

Overall, finding an affordable home is super hard in both of these cities. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the UK’s capital is around $2,000, while in NYC you need $2,250.

However, in the long run, the UK’s capital is a better option for housing and finding comfortable apartments for renting since most have outdoor spaces as well. If you are considering having a roommate, know that sharing the rent will save you lots of money, and it is helpful if you are not so sure about how to live on your own.

How Hard Is the Adjustment Process When You’re Moving Internationally?

As we’ve already mentioned, these two cities have much in common but plenty of differences. Adjusting to a different country always depends on your preferences and expectations. The capital of the UK is known for being a beautiful, historic place with some of the most famous, world-renowned landmarks. It also has much more green space than the Big Apple, which is a better option for people who love nature.

Most people who have relocated from NYC to the UK’s capital love that it is more prominent but has a smaller population. If you get a job that you love, find some pleasant acquaintances and expat communities, and find a way to keep in touch with friends and family, relocation won’t be as hard as you may seem. However, you should consider some aspects and tips if you are still wondering if this move is an intelligent decision.

The Climate in London Is Not as Bad as It Seems

Climate is something most people have trouble adjusting to when it comes to relocation. Most people are worried that the UK’s capital has horrible weather with nonstop rains. The absolute truth is that The Big Smoke doesn’t have the extreme differences in weather as NY which has harsh winters and sweltering summers.

You may ask yourself – Is London colder than New York? The truth is that the capital of the UK has a much more mild climate, warm summers, and not-so-cold winters. Most people think NYC winters are much more brutal to get through, while the weather in Britain’s capital is milder. Which climate is better depends on your personal preferences.

Small Guide to Various UK Capital Neighborhoods

When adjusting to The Big Smoke, choosing the right neighborhood is essential. If you want to feel pleasant in the new city, you should select the community that fits your lifestyle the best. Think about whether you are relocating abroad alone or with a family, what is important to you when choosing a neighborhood, and work around that.

This place is known for being a hulking metropolis, but it is also a cluster of neighborhoods, each with its unique vibe and personality. And it is considered that everyone can find a neighborhood for themselves in Britain’s capital. If you’re wondering, what’s the most accessible country to move to from the US? – one of the answers might be the UK – since they have plenty of city and neighborhood equivalents. Here are some thoughts on the most popular neighborhoods in this UK’s capital:

  • Soho is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something with an NYC vibe, as it’s famous for being the most fun spot in this capital. It is the center of all the happening and gives you the feeling of living the urban life.
  • Knightsbridge is one of the most expensive neighborhoods and the equivalent of the NY Upper East Side. If you are used to the high-end lifestyle in NYC, this is the place for you.
  • Brixton is incredible if you want to feel the authentic British way of life and uniqueness of The Big Smoke. It is known for its vibrant culture, food, and shopping and is a perfect place to discover Britain’s culture.
  • Greenwich is the neighborhood with the greenest space and has magnificent views. This is the spot if you are looking for an escape from the city’s buzz.

Both UK’s Capital and New York Have Plenty of Things to Do and See

When relocating from NYC to the UK’s capital, one thing is for sure – you won’t be bored. Both of these metropolitan areas have plenty of things to do and see. If you’ve loved getting around NYC and searching for entertaining spots – The Big Smoke offers the same. You’ll have tons of iconic places to visit and check out in the UK’s capital.

Plus the UK’s capital Underground is much easier to navigate and will be easier to get around. And, most of the fun things in Britain’s capital are free! Here are some spots that are super fun and which you must see:

  • Hyde Park,
  • Westminster,
  • Camden,
  • Soho,
  • Shoreditch,
  • Museums of the UK’s capital (British Museum, Natural History Museum, The Design Museum, The National Gallery).

The Cons of Living in The Big Smoke Are Similar to the Ones in NYC

Most of the cons of living in Britain’s capital are similar to those in NYC. Some of the biggest cons are the high cost of living, lots of tourists, crowded streets, competitive job market, and many more. Even the enormous number of attractions and things to do can be conned sometimes, as you can get overwhelmed with all the options. It’s tough to say which one has more cons to it, but obviously, the cons are very similar.

UK Flag
One of the biggest cons of living in the UK's capital is the high cost of living, but it's the same problem in NYC

Hire International Moving Company to Make the Move Easier for Yourself

When you are relocating across the world, it’s always a smart move to book international moving services from professional movers. They will handle your entire move and take a big responsibility off of your back, so you can have more time and energy to focus on some other relocating matters.

Contact them and consider booking their packing services as well as relocating by sea services because they will make your move more efficient and smooth. Professionals can also help ship your vehicle overseas, which is always a good idea.

Call the International Movers When You Decide to Leave

You can also count on the help of the same movers once you’ve had enough of the UK and decide on moving from London to New York again. You’ll see how much easier relocations will be for you once you have the help of professional movers. This way, you will avoid all the unnecessary relocating stress.

Shepherd international movers
Hire the best company when moving abroad and enjoy the process

Is It Worth to Relocate to London?

Now that you’ve read about the similarities and differences between these two famous metropolitan cities, it might be easier to decide which one is a better fit for you and whether you want to call the UK’s capital your new home.

Moving internationally to the UK’s capital has plenty of benefits. It can be a fun experience, and the adjustment might not be as bad as you think. We believe relocations are always a good idea because it’s an excellent opportunity to grow personally and learn about different cultures.

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