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A Comprehensive Guide for Couples Moving in Together Internationally

Georgia Michaelson

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Embarking on the journey of couples moving in together is a significant milestone for any relationship, but when this entails relocating internationally, it brings with it an exciting blend of opportunities and challenges. This comprehensive guide is designed to navigate couples through the intricate process of international relocation, ensuring a smooth transition into this new chapter of their lives.

Embarking on an international relocation as a couple involves open communication, legal preparations, and deciding what to keep for creating a shared home. Choosing the right relocation company and budgeting carefully are key steps. Packing together strengthens the relationship, while addressing well-being eases the transition. Upon arrival, blending personalities into the home, embracing new routines, and integrating into the local culture solidify the foundation for a new life together.

Planning the International Move Together

When couples decide to relocate internationally, planning how to move in together becomes crucial to navigating the complexities of such a significant life change. It begins with open communication, where both partners discuss their expectations, priorities, and concerns regarding the relocation. By laying a strong foundation of mutual understanding and support, couples can approach the logistical and emotional challenges of moving internationally with a united front.

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Starting with Open Communication – What to Know Before Moving in Together

Open communication serves as the cornerstone of planning an overseas move together. Before you say “I think we should move in together,” you need to figure out what to discuss before moving in together.

It’s essential for couples to have in-depth conversations about what they expect from their new life abroad, what they prioritize in a home and community, and any concerns they might have about the relocation process.

These discussions can help to set realistic goals and make compromises where necessary. Tips for creating a shared vision include making a list of non-negotiables for each partner and exploring different aspects of potential new homes and communities through online research or virtual tours.

This proactive approach can minimize surprises and conflicts, making the transition smoother and more enjoyable.

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Legal Considerations and Documentation

Moving overseas requires navigating a maze of legal considerations and documentation. Couples moving abroad must be aware of the necessary documentsvisas and permits required to live and work in their new country. This includes understanding the application process, timelines, and any specific requirements for couples relocating together, such as proving the legitimacy of their relationship.

International relocation companies can be invaluable in this process, offering guidance on the bureaucratic aspects of the relocation. They can assist with everything from visa applications to customs forms, helping couples ensure all legalities are addressed efficiently and correctly, paving the way for a stress-free relocation.

You need to do research on the documents you will need to live in another country

Deciding What to Move – How to Find Compromise

When couples decide to take the leap and relocate across the world, deciding what to bring along requires careful consideration and planning. This task becomes even more daunting when merging two households into one. It’s not just about fitting belongings into a new space but also about creating a harmonious environment that reflects the tastes and needs of both partners.

Merging Two Households into One

The task of merging households internationally is an exercise in teamwork and negotiation. Couples should discuss which items they feel strongly about keeping and which can be donated, sold, or left behind. This process emphasizes the importance of compromise and joint decision-making, ensuring that each partner feels their input and preferences are valued in shaping their shared home. Strategies for deciding which items to keep should focus on functionality, significance, and the available space in the new home.

Couples are encouraged to create a shared vision for their living space, which can help in determining which items truly fit into their new life together. Compromise becomes a critical aspect of these decisions, as both individuals may need to let go of certain belongings for the sake of harmony and practicality. Making these choices together not only streamlines the relocation but also strengthens the relationship by building a foundation of mutual respect and understanding.

Special Considerations for International Moves

Relocating to another country for love introduces unique challenges, including navigating customs regulations and restrictions on household goods. Understanding these rules is crucial to avoid complications or delays in shipping personal belongings. Countries may have specific prohibitions or taxes on certain items, so it’s important to research and prepare accordingly. The benefits of creating detailed inventory lists and investing in professional international packing services cannot be overstated.

An accurate inventory ensures that all items are accounted for and can simplify the customs process. Professional packers, such as those employed by Shepherd International Movers, can provide the necessary packing materials and expertise to protect valuable and fragile items, ensuring they arrive safely at the new destination. These steps, while requiring time and investment, are invaluable in securing a smooth and hassle-free international relocation.

Decluttering lists and coffee
The real relationship test is whether you can compromise on what to keep

Selecting the Right Moving Company for International Move

Choosing the right international moving company is a pivotal step for couples embarking on an overseas relocation. This decision can significantly impact the ease and success of the move, making it essential to choose a partner experienced in navigating the complexities of international logistics.

Essential Qualities in a Moving Partner

When vetting potential companies, couples should prioritize those with extensive experience in international relocations. Essential qualities to look for include a proven track record of successful international relocations, positive customer reviews, and affiliations with reputable industry organizations. You can check if a company is legitimate on sites like the Better Business Bureau.

Furthermore, international relocation services such as shipping by sea or by air freight, professional packing, secure storage options, and assistance with customs clearance for moving are invaluable. These offerings demonstrate a company’s commitment to addressing the full spectrum of challenges associated with international moves, ensuring that couples have support at every stage of the process.

Budgeting for the International Move

Budgeting for international relocation is a critical exercise that couples should undertake together. It involves a clear assessment of all potential moving expenses, including packing services, shipping costs, insurance, and any additional fees for customs or storage. Balancing finances is one of the most important things to discuss before moving in together. Open communication about financial expectations and limitations is key to creating a realistic relocation budget that accommodates both partners’ needs.

When discussing budgets with moving companies, couples should seek transparent pricing to avoid any unexpected costs. It’s advisable to request detailed quotes from multiple providers to compare services and ensure that the chosen company offers a fair and comprehensive pricing structure. This careful financial planning and negotiation with companies can help couples manage their resources effectively and avoid the strain of hidden costs during their international relocation.

Woman calculating budget before moving abroad
Work together to create a shared budget that suits both your financial expectations

Preparing for the Move

As couples prepare for their international move, packing and organizing belongings become central tasks that not only require physical effort but also offer an opportunity to strengthen their relationship. Joint packing strategies, such as deciding together what to keep, donate, or sell, can foster communication and compromise.

For items that are particularly valuable or delicate, utilizing professional packing services can ensure they are handled with care, offering efficiency and peace of mind. This collaborative approach to packing not only streamlines the process but also reinforces the partnership, making the daunting task of relocating feel more manageable and even rewarding.

Packing and Organizing Belongings

Packing and organizing for an international relocation necessitates a strategic approach. Working together on this task allows couples to make joint decisions about their belongings, reinforcing their bond through shared goals and responsibilities. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what items truly matter to them and to make choices that reflect their shared future.

For many, professional packing services are a worthwhile investment, ensuring that belongings are safely and efficiently prepared for transport. These services can significantly reduce the risk of damage during the move, providing an added layer of security for treasured possessions.

Addressing Emotional and Physical Well-Being

The emotional and physical demands of an international relocation can be significant, making it crucial for couples to support each other’s well-being throughout the process. Acknowledging the relocation stress and finding ways to cope together can strengthen the relationship. This might include regular check-ins about how each person is feeling, making time for relaxation and self-care, and seeking support from friends, family, or professionals if needed.

Staying connected and open about the challenges and successes of the relocation can help both partners feel supported and understood, easing the emotional load and making the physical demands more manageable. This mutual support is key to maintaining a strong, healthy relationship during the transition to a new home and life abroad.

A woman and a man preparing boxes
Relocating can be overwhelming, so make sure to regularly check in with your partner

Settling Into the New Home Together

Once the relocation is complete, the next step for couples is to transform their new house into a home that reflects both of their personalities. You will need to find a way to connect not only with the home but with the new surroundings as well.

Creating a Shared Space

Decorating and organizing a new home is an opportunity to blend your tastes and preferences, making the space truly yours. Choose decor together, mixing and matching elements from each person’s style to create a cohesive look that feels welcoming to both. It’s also a chance to declutter and decide which new items you may need to purchase together, making the home both functional and personal.

Creating a shared space is not just about aesthetics – it’s also about functionality, ensuring the home meets the needs of both individuals. Establishing new routines and traditions can help create a sense of normalcy and belonging, fostering a deeper connection between you as you navigate this new chapter together. Whether it’s a weekly date night at a local restaurant or a monthly exploration day to discover new areas, these activities can help solidify your bond and make the new environment feel like home.

Navigating Cultural Adaptation for Couples and Building a Community

Adjusting to a new culture can be an exciting yet challenging experience for couples. It’s important to approach these adjustments with an open mind and a willingness to learn together. Engaging with the local culture through language classes, cultural events, and local cuisine can enhance your understanding and appreciation of the new home.

Additionally, building a community is crucial for feeling settled and supported. Connecting with local and expat communities can provide valuable friendships and resources. Participating in local clubs, groups, or online forums related to your interests can be a great way to meet new people and integrate more smoothly, making the international relocation a truly enriching experience.

A couple arranging a room
Take time to create the perfect environment that will reflect both your styles

United Horizons – Crafting a Shared Future Through International Relocation

Moving internationally as a couple is a journey that transcends mere physical relocation, embodying an opportunity for growth, unity, and exploration. It’s an adventure that can strengthen the bond between partners, laying the foundation for a vibrant, shared future in a new country.

However, the stress that comes with the process can also be very challenging for any relationship, which is why hiring professionals is always a good idea. So, contact us at Shepherd International Movers and allow our team to safely move all your belongings while you focus on preparing for the next chapter.


How Do We Decide When Is It Time to Move in Together?

Deciding when to move in together should be based on relationship stability, mutual readiness, and open communication about expectations and finances. Ensure both partners feel committed and have discussed how to manage household responsibilities and shared expenses. It’s crucial that the decision feels right for both individuals, reflecting a shared vision for the future.

What Is the Necessary Legal Documentation for Moving Abroad as a Couple?

Essential documents include valid passports, visas or residence permits, marriage certificates (if applicable), and work permits. Additionally, health records, driver’s licenses, and financial documents may be required, depending on the destination country’s regulations.

How Can We Find the Right International Moving Company?

Research companies with a strong track record in international relocations. Look for positive reviews, industry affiliations, and comprehensive services (packing, storage, customs assistance). Obtain detailed quotes to compare services and costs effectively.

What Are the Key Considerations for Budgeting Our International Move?

Account for packing and shipping costs, insurance, visas, and potential storage fees. Be mindful of additional expenses like housing, living costs in the new country, and an emergency fund. Seek transparent pricing from moving companies to avoid hidden costs.

How Do We Handle Customs Regulations When Moving Abroad?

Research the destination country’s customs regulations regarding household goods and personal items. Prepare detailed inventory lists and hire a moving company experienced in handling customs clearance to navigate these regulations smoothly and avoid potential issues.

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