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Moving Day Preparation Tips That Will Make Your International Relocation a Breeze

Anastasia Hill

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The thing about moving day preparation is that you can never be “too prepared.” No matter how hard you try to make everything go perfectly, some unexpected things will come out at the last moment, so you need to learn how to overcome potential obstacles. Save yourself the trouble by hiring a professional international relocation company and learning our hacks.

What to Expect on Moving Day?

The long-awaited relocation date is finally here, and you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with thousands of little tasks on your mind. If only you knew everything you know now before the professionals came to pick up your belongings. But wait a minute… You can still follow our tips and learn how to be more than prepared for this big moment. You can expect many things on the relocation date – sun, rain, movers in your home, accidents, and relocation stress, but one thing is certain – you’ll be prepared for all of it if you follow our advice.

Nothing will come as a surprise because you’ll be ready for the worst-case scenario. Glasses won’t break because you’ll know all the relocation hacks for packing fragile objects. You’ll know what kind of tipping is appropriate for your team of helpers. Your kids will be with a babysitter and pets at your friend’s home. Your boss and all the important people will be notified about the upcoming move. At the end of the process, you’ll probably still be tired, but with a huge smile on your face because you’ll move efficiently and avoid common relocation mistakes.

When Should You Start Preparing for a Move? The Sooner You Start, the Better

The golden rule to do this is – the sooner you start, the better because, as we said, there is no such thing as over-preparedness. You can only be underprepared if you start with the organization process too late. As soon as you decide that you have enough reasons to move and find a new home where you’ll live abroad, you can start with all the preparations. If you have enough time for every important step, you’ll reduce stress and ensure everything is ready for the big moment.

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Have a Good Plan and Follow a Strict Schedule

Is there a checklist for relocating abroad? There is no one specific list, but you should definitely make your own, depending on your personal circumstances and requirements. For example, it can start by deciding what objects you’re going to relocate, booking professionals, scheduling a babysitter, and other things you have to do when relocating. For the other activities, such as packing furniture and other belongings, you should also have some kind of plan – for example, what to pack first and what at the end of the preparation period. You should also add cleaning to your checklist as one of the final activities.

Ensure you include frequent breaks in your plan, so you’ll stay focused and avoid burnout. These breaks should include some relaxation activities such as walking your dog or drinking tea with your neighbor. Who knows, maybe they’ll give you some fun packing tips or even help you organize a garage sale where you can sell unwanted objects.

Decide What to Relocate and Declutter Unnecessary Items

Decluttering is probably the least fun part of the relocation process, but it can definitely make the whole thing much much easier and cheaper. You’ll save on professional relocation services (if you plan on getting them), but even if you pack on your own, you’ll need fewer packing materials and less time to prepare everything. You should decide on large and bulky furniture pieces, clothes, decorations, electronics, rugs, curtains, children’s toys, garden decorations, books, kitchen and storage inventory, and other stuff you have in your household.

It is important that you stay realistic when deciding what to keep when relocating and focus only on the items you’re really actively using and plan on using in the future. There is no reason to relocate objects you’re not going to use all across the world.

Calculate Potential Relocation Day and Shipping Expenses

Once you decide what objects you’re going to move, it will be easier to calculate the potential expenses. For example, a professional relocation company will probably give you a quote for desired relocation services, but this quote can be precise only if you know what exact furniture pieces you plan to relocate and how many of them. You’ll easily conclude that with a shorter list comes a lower price, which is quite natural.

Sell or Donate Objects That Are Still in a Solid Condition

Selling unused objects is always a great option if you want to earn some extra cash while still getting rid of stuff you’re not going to relocate. This is basically a win-win situation – not only do you earn by selling stuff, but you’ll also save money on relocation services. You’ll just need some extra time for these activities. You can sell your stuff online, sell it to your friends or organize a garage sale.

Donations are another great option. People usually donate clothes, toys, toiletries, and other useful items that are still in good condition. This should take you less time than selling, so you can decide to donate stuff to a Goodwill center if you have a last-minute move.

Get Rid of Objects Movers Won't Move and Perishable Food

What should you not pack when moving? You should also be aware that there are some items movers won’t move. For example, you are obligated to get rid of potentially flammable chemicals, especially opened bottles. If anything of these chemicals spills during the relocation, accidents can be catastrophic – and there is no need for this risk. You can simply dispose of them (by getting disposal services) and buy everything once you arrive at your new house. Professional s also won’t accept to relocate:

  • Guns and ammunition,
  • Plants,
  • Perishable food,
  • Jewelry,
  • Money,
  • Pets.

Start Packing Least Used Items in Your Home First

The eternal dilemma of preparing for a move is what to pack first. You probably have many objects in your house – some of which are relocation-worthy but many of them not. For example, you can start by packing the least used objects first. This can be, for example, seasonal clothes (if you’re going to need them in the country you’re relocating to) and Christmas decorations. But remember, there are also many belongings you have to declutter first.

Should You Empty Drawers When Moving?

Do you need to remove clothes from the dresser for the movers? Actually, this will mostly depend on the company’s policy. Most professional companies will allow you to keep clothes in your drawers when relocating drawers, but you’ll have to secure them from opening during the relocation process (in case you pack furniture on your own). On the other hand, movers will require that you remove the other stuff from drawers, such as important documents, jewelry, or other fragile stuff that might get damaged if you just leave them in drawers without additional protection.

All the furniture and moving boxes in a living room
You should start by packing the least used inventory first

Consider Hiring Professional International Moving Company

Hiring professionals is one of the best preparation hacks. This can be considered a hack as well. If you book them in advance, they can help you handle all the most challenging parts of the process. You just have to know what items you want to relocate and what services you require, and that’s it. Professionals will supply you with all the best quality equipment and use their incredible skills and knowledge to turn your move into a pleasant and memorable experience. There is no need to hesitate about hiring them – just contact the chosen company to stay informed about the prices and terms.

Learn the Best Tips for Avoiding Relocation Scams if You’re Hiring Professionals

The only thing you should be considered when hiring a relocation company is the relocation scams. Obviously, this doesn’t necessarily have to be an issue – as long as you choose to hire a trustworthy company. But how to know if the chosen company is right for you? There are a few things to be careful about.

You should check the company’s website, references, reviews, professional contacts, prices (compared to others on the market), their professional equipment and knowledge, and so on. If everything seems legitimate before paying for the provided services, there shouldn’t be any problem after the process is done as well.

Preparing Some Cash for Tipping Professional Movers Is a Good Idea

Despite the fact that you can usually pay for the desired relocation services with a card, it is recommended that you have some cash on your hand for tipping. This is a common practice for most professional assistance services, so if you’re happy with this one, you should definitely tip your helpers as well. There is no rule on how much you should give them – it is just a kind gesture to show some kind of gratitude.

A laptop, phone, papers, cash, and a pen lying on a table
You should save some cash for typing your helpers - if you're satisfied with their services, of course

Book a Babysitter and Find Someone to Take Care of Your Pets

Another golden rule for everyone who wants to be fully prepared for the relocation is to hire a babysitter. Professionals can get disturbed while handling large furniture pieces if your children run around the house during the relocation process. This is why it is always better they are outside the house until the professionals are done with their work. The same thing applies to animals you keep at home. You can ask someone to take care of them until the process is over.

A mother and a son sitting on the floor and looking at each other
Book a babysitter and make sure your baby gets suitable care while you're busy with other responsibilities

Protect Your Home and Ensure All the Paths Around It Are Clear and Safe

It is important that your house is well protected before the professionals arrive. First of all, you want to cover fragile floors to avoid scratches. You can also protect and cover windows and door frames. You should also think about the paths and roads around your house (if you and your helpers need to use them during the relocation process). Ensure these paths are clear from ice (if you’re relocating during winter) and that there are no potential obstacles that can be dangerous and cause someone to fall.

Worried guy covering his face with hands
Ensure your house is well protected and secured from potential damages

Prepare a Box With Essentials

It is also very important that you stay prepared for the last day at your old house and first at the new one by preparing a box with essentials. This box should contain the items you use the most such as medicines, toiletries, chargers, and important travel documents. You should also pack some clean clothes, towels and bed sheets. This box should be the first thing to unpack once you arrive at your new home, while you can unpack all the other boxes later, one after another, without any hurry – you’ll already have your first-night survival kit unpacked. This video will help you decide what to pack.

Make Sure to Wake Up Early and Ensure Everything Is Ready

What Is the first thing to do on a moving day? When moving internationally, you’ll probably have many things on your mind, so it is for the best that you wake up early to make sure everything is ready. Take out your checklist and once again go through all the mentioned steps. Make sure that you have all the important documents by your side, that your essentials don’t end up in the truck with other inventory and that all the roads around your house are clear and safe. You should also ensure that your house is protected by covering all the fragile surfaces.

Woman standing surrounded by boxes
Ensure you wake up early when the relocation date arrives

With All the Moving Day Preparation Tips and Professionals Assistance, Moving Overseas Becomes Much Easier

Moving abroad can be much easier if you decide to get professional assistance. If you follow our preparation hacks and get ready for the relocation appropriately, you won’t have any worries on your mind once the professionals arrive. You will already know that your items are carefully packed, and for ones that are not, you can always get additional packing services. You can also get a free quote to calculate potential expenses before making any final deals with the chosen company. Once the move is booked, you can sit back and relax, knowing that everything will be taken care of.

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