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Who to Notify When Moving Internationally

Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

Relocating abroad is one of the most exciting adventures you can embark on. Still, before you experience different cultures, you have to organize your move and figure out who to notify when moving. Keep reading to find out who all needs to be notified when you move and how you can inform them of your change of address (COA) and country.

So, who gets notified when you change your address? There are more than a few government agencies, financial institutions, and various individuals you will have to tell that you’ve decided to move overseas. Don’t worry – there isn’t anything complicated about this particular task from your relocating abroad checklist, but keep in mind that this can take a bit of your time, so it’s not wise to leave it for the last minute.

It’s Time for a Change of Address – Who To Notify When Moving to Another Country?

When you start planning to move across the world, you will have a lot on your hands. From deciding what to pack for a new home to figuring out what are the documents needed to travel abroad, you will be swamped with work 24/7. It will be important to remember what your reasons to move are because you will experience plenty of relocation stress – which often leads people to overlook basic things, including who to notify of a change of address. Lucky for you, we’re here to pick up the slack and help you stay organized. We’ve made a detailed checklist for you – all you need to do is let everybody on that list know that soon you will be living overseas in a new home.

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Here’s Why It Is Essential to Remember Who to Notify of Address Change

It might seem like a less than important thing to do, especially when you have to focus on your efficient move, but informing others that you will be joining an expat community soon is actually a pretty necessary step. Think about it – your mail would keep coming to the wrong address, and you wouldn’t get your bills. These are just the first issues that come to mind, and you can be sure that overlooking the COA process can bring a lot of problems that will pull your attention away from adjusting to a new country. Trust us when we tell you that COA is as important as finding excellent relocation services (which often include professional packing assistance).

Naturally, You Will Start With Telling Friends and Family About Your Plans for Moving Abroad

We believe you probably won’t forget to do this, but it’s still worth a mention. Before you face the culture shock, you will have to prepare a real surprise for your loved ones – that you are going to one of the friendliest countries in the world. They probably won’t be too happy that you’re leaving, so be sure to tell them that you’ll do your best to keep in touch with all your friends and family.

Don’t Forget to Organize a Fabulous Going-Away Party for Family and Friends

One of the best things you can do to soften the blow of leaving your country behind is to organize an epic going-away party. This will not only mean a lot to your family and everybody close to you but can also help you battle the nostalgia that will undoubtedly start to show up as the relocation day approaches, especially if you are about to move out for the first time.

people at the party
Be sure to add a party to the relocation list - you could use a break from packing

USPS Should Be One of the First Institutions You Should Inform

Before you set off to reside in one of the best places to live abroad, make sure you reach out to the US Post Office and update them about your COA. Although the best way to notify change of address is certainly online, this won’t be an option since you’re relocating abroad. Sadly, you will have to take a trip to your local post office and actually fill out the PS Form 3575 (the same form that’s filled out for a domestic move) in person if you want your mail delivered to the right home.

When Should You Change Your Address When Moving Internationally?

The COA should always be done a few weeks prior to your relocation day, regardless of the distance you’re relocating. If you forget to update the USPS on where to send your mail before you head out to live on your own in a new corner of the world, don’t worry – you can still update the information on your whereabouts with the Post Office. All you need to do is write them a letter explaining everything and add all the information that you would write in a PS Form 3575 that you were supposed to fill.

A black mailbox
It's crucial to make time to update the USPS on where they should send your mail to

Your Employer Should Definitely Be on the Who to Notify When You Move Checklist

One of the most common relocation mistakes is forgetting to let your employer know that you are leaving. It sounds silly to think that someone can forget this, but never underestimate the power of relocation stress and exhaustion related to packing furniture and fragile items. You will probably let your colleagues know about the move, but keep in mind that you have to contact HR as well.

Your Landlord Also Has to Be Aware of the Situation

Among all those institutions and services you will need to make aware of the situation, you might overlook your landlord. Add them to the checklist, and you won’t forget this task. Plus, remember to ask about your security deposit – any amount of money is more than welcome when you have to think about relocation costs.

Blank checklist
Your landlord and employer also have to make it to this list

Don’t Forget the IRS and State Tax Agency

No one likes to think about taxes, but this time you will have to give them a little bit of your time. The IRS has to be aware of where your current home is so that they can send you their correspondence – that’s something you don’t want to lose. You can take care of this COA in two ways. If you want to inform them before filing your returns, you can simply note that on the mailing label. If you have to update them after filing your taxes, you must send the IRS a completed Form 8822, and you will receive all your refund checks.

Social Security Administration Is Another Important Institution You Can’t Overlook

While you are dealing with government institutions, make time to contact the Social Security Administration, even if you do not have any benefits. If you receive any kinds of benefits from the US government, you can continue getting them at your new home. Maybe you have retired and decided to spend your golden years in one of the best places to retire in Europe – your retirement will still come, but only if you handle the COA process.

Before relocating to another country, reach out to Social Security Administration

Banks, Credit Card Companies, and Other Financial Institutions Have to Know You Are Moving Internationally

While it’s true that we do most of our banking online nowadays, your bank still has to be aware of where your home is. You will most likely be able to make all the necessary updates thanks to online services but check with your bank just in case. The same goes for credit card companies, investment companies, and loan providers. No matter how much you want to run away from your student loans, sadly, living in Europe can’t save you from paying those back.

Health Insurance and Other Insurance Providers Should Be Notified

Take a break from worrying about breaking the language barrier and ensure that you will be covered in case you need healthcare providers. Updating your health insurance is one of the most important things to do before you embark on a new journey and move abroad alone. You definitely wouldn’t want to find yourself in an unpleasant situation and only then realize that your policy isn’t valid in the country you are in.

The healthcare system is different in every country, and we suggest you do a bit of research on that subject before you move – you can always leave learning a language for later. Naturally, there are always other policies to think of – car, dental, and life insurance are also extremely important. If you’re relocating with dogs or other animals, remember to reach out to your vet as well and inform them about changing your residence.


Updating your healthcare policy is necessary when relocating abroad

Let All Your Utility Providers Know About the Change of Address

You are probably eager to finish packing and get to the best city to live in Europe as soon as possible, but there are a few others that you still haven’t updated – what about the electricity, gas, and other utilities? It wouldn’t be wise to overlook even a single utility provider, so we’ve decided to use a common relocation hack and gather them all in the list below for you – follow it, and you’ll be good to go.

  • Electricity and gas,
  • Water,
  • Sewer,
  • Garbage,
  • Internet,
  • Cable,
  • Phone.

Take Care of All Your Subscriptions, Memberships, and Shipping Information

Finally, we arrive at the last step – the only thing you have left to do is handle all your subscriptions and memberships. People often overlook this step, but you won’t. Cancel all the magazines and your gym membership – it won’t do you any good while you are on the other end of the world. The same goes for any other club memberships.

We should also mention that a lot of people forget about updating the shipping address on retail websites. In the era of COVID, we have all become accustomed to online shopping, and it’s easy to forget you have ordered something even if it doesn’t arrive for weeks.


A woman with a laptop and a credit card
Updating your information on the various shopping websites is something you shouldn't overlook

If You Want to Have an Effortless Moving Overseas Experience, Contact a Reputable International Moving Company

Although there is undoubtedly a lot to do before the move, we’re positive that you can manage it all – it’s just a matter of good organization and knowing all the packing tips and tricks. With a little effort, you will be ready in time, but who will help you ship belongings overseas? This is possibly the most important question of the entire relocation – who should you reach out to for relocation services? This decision is not to be rushed, as you require reputable and trustworthy international movers. An excellent company will do a lot for your overall relocation experience – they can turn a complicated process into a pleasant one and provide you with a perfect move.

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