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Are You Supposed to Tip Movers When Moving Internationally?

Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Preparing for a big move overseas means you have to do numerous different things. However, setting the budget is one of the first things to do. But what about your relocation crew, are you supposed to tip movers? Let’s check all the reasons why you should, when it’s OK not to, and all other things related to this topic you should be aware of.

You are supposed to tip a mover when they help you move efficiently overseas, especially if they did their best to make you feel comfortable during this extremely stressful event. The relocation crew can be rewarded with cash, but you can show gratitude in other ways and even skip the tipping part if you’re not satisfied with their work.

Are You Supposed to Tip Movers?

If a task is completed correctly, it should be rewarded. You might believe that since movers are merely performing their duties, you don’t have to tip them. They are simply carrying out their duties, indeed. But as you are already aware, it is not at all simple. It entails spending hours packing and unpacking, lifting big objects, and caring for all your possessions. Yes, it’s indeed their work, and they will get paid for it, of course. But, by giving them a tip, you express your appreciation for their hard work and, ultimately, your satisfaction with the quality of their service.

You should be aware that you are not obligated to tip professional movers. However, if you want to express your gratitude for the efforts of a reliable international moving company, you should. Moving across the globe is really difficult, so you must contact pros to assist you, and considering how they simplify the process, you ought to give them thanks properly.

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Are Moving Tips Tax Deductible?

Your moving costs (along with other relocation expenses) could be tax deductible if you’re moving for work. Before applying for such a deduction and including tips, you should check with the accountant because there are severe rules about it. That way, you can figure out the balancing finances and how to make living overseas easier. After all, we all know how adjusting to a new country can be challenging.

Use a credit or debit card to prove the amount to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if you intend to deduct gratuities. Cash tips in this situation would not qualify as a documented taxable item.

Tax documents on black table
In some cases, tips can be tax deductible

How Much Should You Tip the Team That’s Helping You Move Internationally?

As you already know, in the US, mover tipping is a common thing, just like you would reward any other good service. However, if you’re relocating for the first time, you have to learn what is the standard tip for movers. So, after you go through the reasons for the relocation, prepare all relocation essentials, and proceed with figuring out how to avoid one relocation mistake most people don’t – the rewarding your helpers part.

This entirely depends on you. Nobody has the authority to specify the precise amount of the tip. You are not required to tip between 15% and 20% of your whole amount, as you might at a restaurant or other service provider. There’s an unspoken rule that you should give each mover $5 for each work hour. You should think about offering your movers more money, between $40 and $60, if a lot of effort was involved in the relocation and they spent the entire day moving your belongings. But ultimately, it’s up to you. Your tip should be an accurate reflection of the work completed and your level of satisfaction with the service.

Who Should Get the Reward – the Crew or the Relocation Company?

Moving overseas requires many preparations and good organization, from figuring out what is one of the best places to live abroad to preparing your household for the move. But, it won’t cause you any headaches if you have a thorough abroad checklist. Once that’s resolved, you need to be aware of one key fact: do you tip moving companies or the workers themselves?

Even though it might not seem like a big deal, there might be some problems when it comes to the payment aspect. And you ought to be aware of who is receiving the bonus in order to discuss them. Simply put, when preparing and wrapping fragile belongings, think about who is performing the hard work and truly aiding you. Do your best to give any money you set aside straight to the relocation teams, certainly. Additionally, you may go above and beyond by personally thanking each mover for a job well done.

The following video will show you why we genuinely leave recommendations for different services.

What Are the Factors You Should Consider When Tipping Movers and Packers?

Your gratuity should be appropriate for the difficulty and level of services provided. Be aware that your move won’t be simple and quick, given that you’re going to a different state. Moving to Argentina from the US involves changing not only a country but also a continent, which entails a lot of labor in terms of packing and paperwork.

Hiring professional movers will ensure that everything you decide to pack is carefully protected and moved. The peace of mind that comes from not having to worry about your possessions while the move is being made is immeasurable – especially if you’re relocating at the last minute.

Think about how much is being moved, how many large items you have, and whether staircases are involved. If any aggravating circumstances make your move more challenging, think about increasing the average tip for movers. Ultimately, the most crucial factor is whether or not you are happy with their service.

How Can You Show Appreciation Besides Money?

A lot depends on the experts you hire if you want to avoid relocation stress and take advantage of all its advantages. It’s quite acceptable to express gratitude for a job well done in methods other than just money. After all, we all know how moving internationally can be expensive. However, this doesn’t mean there’s no way for you to reward the professionals. Quite the contrary, if you can’t offer them money, you should do the following.

Leave Good Reviews Online

Let’s say you’re relocating alone and have no idea what to do or how to act when packing to go to a new place. In those circumstances, you might also completely disregard or forget about the prospect of a monetary reward. If this occurs, the only thing to redeem yourself is to leave a glowing rating for the relocation team and their work.

Businesses value favorable reviews, especially those posted on their websites, since they draw in more clients. If you’ve ever made a hiring decision based on favorable testimonials from previous customers, you’ll recognize the value of having this information on a moving company’s website. You can leave suggestions on what to keep when moving, how to use other services besides their efficient packing service, and, most importantly, whether the business delivered on its promises of excellent quality.

Provide Them With Refreshments and Snacks

Another wonderful way to thank your movers is to provide them with drinks and snacks. Your mover will grow weary and hungry at some time; therefore, it would be helpful to provide them with food. Providing bottled water or tea to keep them hydrated would be a considerate gesture, given that they will become dehydrated over the day. They’ll certainly perform better as a result of this.

Cook a supper for the employees the morning of the move if you have any fresh food in the fridge and are unable to bring it with you. Make sure there is enough food for everyone, and look for some excellent and super easy recipes online. If you’re not so great in the kitchen, you can always order some takeout.

Be Kind and Thankful

Make the relocation crew feel comfortable in your home. Let them use the bathroom. Ensure that there is enough toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap in each of your bathrooms. Thank your workers for their hard work and dedication. Show them that you value their efforts by leaving a small tip, even if you are unable to leave a full tip.

Make Relocation Easier for the Relocation Team Before They Come

You can take a few actions to facilitate the job of your movers before they show up. In fact, consider these tasks as one of the moving day preparations. That way, you’ll prepare for the relocation team like a real pro. You can clear all the passageways and take out everything that stands in the way to make moving around easier.

Are There Situations Where It Is Okay Not to Tip?

When you find the best country to live in, the next step is to choose the right relocation company and avoid possible relocation scams. You probably have heard about some unpleasant encounters with the movers, such as damaged goods or breach of contract. In these cases, not leaving a tip is completely normal.

Nowadays, the internet has everything you might want, so search for trustworthy professional movers who will take good care of your belongings. The decision you make here will determine how successful your move will be. Since moving is not always simple or well-paid, be sure to tip your movers when you move abroad if the job is completed as promised and you are happy with the level of service. Make it clear to them that you value their effort and hard work.

Therefore, think about reducing the tip or missing it altogether if movers carry out any of the following:

  • Arrive quite late,
  • Items are broken during the move (and they don’t tell you),
  • Offended or angered you with bad service,
  • Take a lot longer than anticipated without any justification,
  • Never apologize for mishaps, delays, or subpar service.

Of course, mistakes and accidents sometimes occur, so don’t exclude tipping a mover just because something was damaged if they accept responsibility.

Woman calculating budget before moving abroad
Don't reward a crew if you experienced unprofessional behavior

Let the Hard-Working Relocation Team See You Appreciate Their Help

It can be really tough to move, no matter how old you are or how much stuff you have, especially when relocating to a completely different country. It’s a lot of work and having reliable help is a must. So, when you hire a professional relocation team to help you with the move, it’s important to let them know that you appreciate everything they did for you on that big day.

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